Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Someone is missing.

Missing is a strange thing. I miss Colorado more then I missed my own friends and family and house and church when I was there. I think I may even miss it more then my skates. Oh, by the way, I actually bought new skates. Cost me more then a used car. Use them as much as a can. <3 Keeps me distracted. Working for something.
I miss being awoken by a guy yelling something random. I miss the silly things the "dish pit" wrote on tape, and attached to...many things, but mostly the drink dispensers. Shivering in class because Colorado is kinda cold don't ya know? (Yes, I miss the minisotians) I miss sharing a time of praise and worship with nearly 200 other people.
I miss sitting an the side of a beautiful green grassed hill, just hanging out with my friends, listening to guitar. Listening to the piano when we were back at the hotel. (I nearly said 'home' just there) Laughing about Mathblue, commenting on THOR's clothing choices, conversing quietly with Reagan during class. Sleeping in a bunk bed with encouraging vandalism, sharing a room with one of my best friends. Trying to win the room inspection. Our room covered in balloons. :)
Riding in the bus! The chuck wagon was the best. "I think I can I think I can I think I can" up hills.
The park we went to. Jason. The good food. Walking down into Manitue. Visiting the cave, and graffiti falls. The custard shop. Huffing up a hill and thinking of how out of shape I am. The cool, fresh air. Hot drinks and cold water, peanut butter and jelly, always out. The food. Open forums.
Men being gentle men. Holding open doors, giving up seats, taking trays. Women being ladies, accepting it, thanking them.
People randomly bursting into song. The way Dr.Noebel pronounced words. All the teachers, especially Chuck Edwards, and Jeff Myers.
Out of breath at the top of the stairs, after practically jogging up four stories. Small group. The fire, always going. The cool chess pieces. The front porch. The back porch. Wal-mart trips.
Mya screaming "BILL BOARDS"
Natasha eating fruit. :) Angela being such a beautiful example, and a good friend-to everyone, not just me.
"Anyone from Texas?" (insert whoops, hollers, cheers, and hand gestures)
Candy from Hawaii. Courtesy of Mya. Chats about stereotypes, with Jessica and Seth. Singing A very Potter musical songs, also with Jess and Spleth.
"Frolicking upon the rocks" Making people try Ski, and acting insulted when they didn't like it.

I know, you probably stopped reading already. Thats fine. I guess its more for me, then for you. I think the only thing I don't miss, is the bathrooms and showers and waking up at 6:30.


P.S. Brents fedora, the bandanna crew, and those guys (I think they were staff) who always dressed like they were ready to be in a Tommy Hilfiger add.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I've discovered recently...

That T shirts are very comfortable.