Sunday, February 26, 2012

This whole week makes you think.

This past week has been extremely heartbreaking. There was a fire fighter who died, a family whose house burned down, a speed team with members taking sides against one another. Gossip spread. And even some things that hurt so bad I want to tell everyone, but I have to hold my peace, and only talk about it to those involved. One thing I can say is that the most upright man I know has had his good name ruined. These last few sentances are not just from the past week, but have been occuring for some time now.

And all of this makes me think about how precious life is, and friends are. And how we can post silly statuses on facebook, or go out and have a fun time with friends, or laugh at a joke, but still be hurting on the inside. Everyone has different ways of dealing with greif and pain, and working it out. But I sincerely hope that in that pain, in any pain you may be having, that instead of turning away from God you turn toward God. Because God is the only one you can truly count on. He never changes, His mercies are ever lasting, and no matter how out of wack you think your life is right now, He is still in control, and He is still just.