Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Lately I've been admiring outfits that are simple, but have one BANG! accessory. For instance, jeans, t-shirt, brown belt, brown shoes, TIGER! It just kind of...jumps out to you? Har har har. I made a punny.

It felt pretty great wearing stinky clothes and using my self timer again.

L<3VED. -And typing that. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

I am so confused, and just not understanding this at all. (Skating stuff)

I am so confused. I don't think I was ever in this much pain before I started really trying to work out and eat healthier. I didn't constantly feel like I'm about to fall over because my knees felt like they were locking up. I didn't feel like I was void of energy. I didn't have shin splints. I didn't feel like someone was sewing through my legs with a long needle. I didn't have to limp because my foot hurt.

What is wrong with me?

I thought I was supposed to feel GOOD. I thought I would be energized, and ready to face any challenge.

The other day I pulled a muscles, because I 'stood up too fast'.

I keep getting colds.

And its not like I'm starving myself or anything. I feel like every time I eat, I eat three meals. I don't constantly eat like I used to, maybe I should go back to that...but its hard when I'm not actually home that much. Maybe I should start sleeping more. I hate that I'm getting to bed late, yet instinctively getting up early. When I try to go to sleep, it takes a few hours. I'm still getting off my nyquil...from being sick for what feels like forever.

I feel like crying almost every day. (This may just be a teen age girl hormone problem ;) (It also may have something to do with doctor who, and all the stupid emotional paths I'm sent down while watching it)

I want to skate OUTSIDE again. But there's either not enough time to skate before work, or its dark by the time I'm off work. I miss summer. Its seriously cool that its cold an all, I just can't stand skating in the dark if I didn't start out in the day light. Also I scare myself. When I skate at night I usually call someone so I don't think of horror movie characters. I miss the out doors. I like it much more then indoor.

Anyway, just rambling. COMPLAINING of course. Feel like a wimp. Whatever. Later.