Tuesday, June 29, 2010

so, two things and an update :/

1. I'm extending the last day to enter my contest to....someday next month:/ because so far only one person has entered.

2.The voting for the thrifty and chic modest fashion show over on luci's blog has begun. So you can go over there and vote for your favorite outfits. The poll is in the side bar, and the photos are in a post. http://one-beloved.blogspot.com/

Update on my life: On Sunday I went to my friend's house and I didn't get back till today. We were making a dress together. We didn't have enough time to hem it, so she's going to hem it for me because I wasn't sure if I could get my sewing machine to work. I think its broken. So I'll have photos to show of that project soon
Also, I feel like I'm forgetting something...something important, not something for the blog, something in my life, like I need to get something done, but I have no idea what.
Confused, L<3VED

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank you for being a friend.

Ladys and Gental folk! I am pleased to announce fashion is a poem not a ryme's very first give away! Lately I've been getting a lot of really sweet comments, and it feels like I always have somebody on blogger ready to give me support and encouragement. So as a thank you to all you lovely ladies, for being good friends even though we hardly know eachother, I would like to give away a set of hair clips which I decorated. I can't promise that they are the best quality, I made the flowers and hot glued the buttons and barettes on. But I can say truthfully that I made them with love, and I hope you like them.
Not that this has anything to do with it, but 200th POST! Some people have over 100 followers by the time of their 200th post, but I have 23 friends, and I'd rather have 23 friends then a million followers. (could you imagine having a million followers? that would be stressful and kinda not cool)
All you have to do is comment on this post so I know you want to be entered. I'll write down names on pieces of paper, and draw them the old fashion way. Then I'll contact you for your info if you win, so I can send them to you. The last day to enter with be June 30th.
You all have a part of my heart (isn't that cool^^took it in the dough outs at a softball game last night) L<3VED

Friday, June 25, 2010

Help me?

I feel like....a reporter. And I'm so confused. There is the right to freedom of the press, and there are issues I feel like I need to address. But...ugh I just don't know. Keeping things private feels like the harder, yet better way to go, but blogging about it feels so nice, I don't use names, but I still feel like I'm telling on somebody-even though barley anyone reads my blog. I can't figure this out. Do I write what I feel, so that the world can see and learn? Or do I confront personally, making the wrest of my homeschool life awkward? It comes to this; having people hate me for sharing truths publicly, or having them hate me, for doing it privately. Or storing up hate within by saying nothing at all.

Any advise?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrifty and chic modest fashion show, day 5-in which I save the galaxy.

Ahem, so, remember yesterday, when I decided to be a pop up book maker...and then swiftly changed top a super hero position? Well, I'm still pretty much a super hero, but I am now called to another porpose. *music plays* dun dun dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt, dun dun dun dun dun duntantadun! yes yes, I know, poor impression of starwars theme song:b
Shirt: hand-me-down moda international
shorts: max rave, on sale awhile ago for 2 or 3 bucks
map scarf: vintage, I found it...g-mas attic or basement? Can't remember
shoes: mothers/mine cover girl
R2D2 tape player: found it in my basement, claimed it as mine of course;)
Light sword saber: Same story, it was the only one not broken in my basement.

haha fail, looks sorta like I'm picking a wedgie. Oh come on! We were all thinging it! Umm yeah, so I was trying to swing the sword at just the right moment, but I was too early.

This outfit is in honor of the sword. You see, I became very attached to it awhile ago and then I lost it. Last night my brother found it in his room. Yay!

Oooh remember yesterday when I said I made something at the library? Ta-da!
Soda pop lid photo frames! I think I'm going to attach pins to the back...L<3ved

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two librarys, one day. TACMFS day 4

No, TACMFS does not mean tacky and comfy mommy fashion show, it means thrifty and chic modest fashion show! So I went to two librarys today (theres a big net work of them here) And at the first one I found this really cool pop-up book that changed my life. I am now going to be a pop up book maker.
And then at the other library I went to for a cool program (I'll post photos later) I had another life changing expierience and I decided to become a side kick, on the spot!

Yes, Aurther, you were right "having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card" She was advertising for a showing of batman at the library tomorrow.

Shirt: O.C.I.-umm where did this come from. I'm pretty sure its a hand-me-down that I've had for years.
Dress: Maggy L. thrifted from as good as new for...4 bucks? 2? umm....
skirt: Vintage from my grandmothers attic
elephant bracelet: Vintage from granmothers attic
the ever presant watch: on sale at wally world for 7$$
shoes: cover girl-from my mothers closet. I think we have now reached the point where they are mine now. Does that ever happen to you? Like....you were chosen to wear them? hehe

I love you comments so much! I thank you, its like christmas everyday:)

It was either this of stare at the sun
Ooohoohoo look at this, I hung things on a plant! I am now a real blogger...;)

woah, that makes my skirt look orange.
hmm the thing I don't really like about this dress is how restricting it is because of how its shaped. "want me to reach up and grab something off the top shelf? Too bad, I can't move my arms upward!" My back and neck hurt after wearing it all day, which is why it doesn't come out to play so often. L<3ved

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sooo...guess what! Voting is open...

So remember the modest fashion show I was in last week? Well, the polls are open and you can go and vote for your favorite outfits! So here is the link to Samantha's blog, which inspires me:

HERE-ooh that was deceptive wasn't it? There:



I'd like to travel to the land of skirt-thrifty and chic modest fashion show day the third

Todays outfit is in no way weather apropriet. Of course most of my outfits aren't, as I'm still in winter phase...I just love wearing heavy clothes, even coats, since I have some nice ones now. This is another reason I think I could survive in the city, where it is cold.. whistles Shirt: $0.50 at a yard sale.
Linda Affard for Ellen Tracy skirt: $4.50 at wold wide missions (consignment shop)
Pocket watch: Birthday gift from my friend (she found it at a yard sale)
union bay wedges: $0.50 at a yard sale (they are sooooo comfy!)

Oooh look at me, getting all high teck using my Dad's tripod instead of my midget one. Thats why I actually have good outfit photos today, I think I'll be using this method more often.

I'm not sure what that is^^ but it looks like a bubble. I think its a cup.
Suprisingly, I actually fit comfortably in this skirt now, before it was a squeeze. I guess thats what giving up soda does to me...sigh, guess I'll have to start drinking it again so I can get some meat on my bones;) just kidding...L<3VED

Monday, June 21, 2010

haha my new favorite thing (thrifty and chic modest fashion show, day 2)

So awhile back, I was at as good as new consignments and I found these glasses. I showed them to my Mom, she loved them and wanted to make them her glasses, I showed them to my sister, she loved them and wanted to wear them to co-op. Anyway, my Mom bought them, hoping she could put her subscription into them, and a while later she kinda gave up, and gave them to me.
I used a tiny screw driver and took the frames off to take the glass out. These are makeup glasses, used for puting on eye make up. You flip one side down and then the other, that way you can see what your doing. Interesting huh?
Glasses: as good as new-about 2 dollars
sonama shirt: a thrift store I will refrain from metioning, but it was fifty cents, and I tie-died it the other day.
wossono skirt: hand me down. FREE:)
classified shoes: burlington coat factory, on sale for 7 something.

Peace out mann ;) L<3VED

Sunday, June 20, 2010

a salute to as good as new: thrifty and chic modest fashion show: day 1

Today marks the start of Luci's fashion show. Don't you love the way her name is spellt?

So, my head to toe thrift look is from "as good as new consignments," which is a consignment store in my area that closed down a couple of months ago, and I am sorry for that loss. The only thing not from as good as new is my watch, which is more of a need then a want, I found it onsale last year at wal-mart for $7.

Unknown dress: about 4 dollars? actually, it might have been 2.

weather vain shirt worn under dress: 1-2 dollars?

white skirt-christan: 4.50ish

white no boundrys kitten healed flip flops: $2.50

Heres somethingI came up with about the word "sumer," peeping up from under my dress:
"I felt as if I were in a scrap book, the page was summer, and I was right in the middle of making my memorys"

Oh, yes, this is a flower pin I made for my friend Rebecca who has been staying with us since Wednesday. She went home this evening. It's blurry because there is red netting over it, and my camera couldn't quite deal with that.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

You may have noticed....

My new profile photo
Then again, you most likely haven't because I just put it up a few minutes ago. These are the shirts I've made so far to sell at a consignment shop near my house (except I half gave half sold one to a friend). I have more designs planned and can't wait to carry them out. I call this project...spoof prep. As in, haha you printed you brand name on a shirt? That means I get to make fun of you!

I would also like to make a pair of yellow flip flops that say banana. Now, I must go eat icecream. L<3VED

The last day:'(

I really need to work on the quality of my photos.... straw hat: grandma's attic
hat band: made by me:)
floral dress: thrifted
vintage slip: grandma's attic
shoes: my Moms covergirl sandels.

haha my face in this one makes me laugh.

Today is the last day of Samantha's fashion show, which is sad. I had a good time putting together floral outfits, even though floral has never been my forte.

you can still see the swelling on my foot....whaaa whaa give me attention;) haha just kidding...

I've loved looking through all the other modest fashion show outfits, and I can't wait to vote on my favorites.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

hmmm modest fashion show day 4

So I cropped this photo hopeing to give more detail but it turned out all pixlely-is that a word? hmm well, lets say it is. Hat: just finished sewing it this morning:)
shirt: $2.00 jc penny
orange shirt: hand-me-down
skirt: hand-me-down
pickachoo: burger king-from back in the good old days when pokemon was the bomb and digimon was second rate but I loved it anyway.
shoes: burlington coat factory.

So today I went to the best buy parking lot because three car dealer ships got together to have this big event and my friends work there giving out soda and hotdogs, so I needed to 1.get a hot dog and bottled water (I gave up soda, atleast for a little while) and 2.visit my friends, who were bored.

See? This is why I hang out with her:)

I also went to micheals craft store to make a duck tape wallet. I love craft stores. They hold rows and rows of creative possibility.....and animal hats!

So I had a lovely day. Tomorrow my family and I are going to work on our friends farm, so I have to get some sleep. L<3ved
Ooh by the way, I love your coments:)