Sunday, June 20, 2010

a salute to as good as new: thrifty and chic modest fashion show: day 1

Today marks the start of Luci's fashion show. Don't you love the way her name is spellt?

So, my head to toe thrift look is from "as good as new consignments," which is a consignment store in my area that closed down a couple of months ago, and I am sorry for that loss. The only thing not from as good as new is my watch, which is more of a need then a want, I found it onsale last year at wal-mart for $7.

Unknown dress: about 4 dollars? actually, it might have been 2.

weather vain shirt worn under dress: 1-2 dollars?

white skirt-christan: 4.50ish

white no boundrys kitten healed flip flops: $2.50

Heres somethingI came up with about the word "sumer," peeping up from under my dress:
"I felt as if I were in a scrap book, the page was summer, and I was right in the middle of making my memorys"

Oh, yes, this is a flower pin I made for my friend Rebecca who has been staying with us since Wednesday. She went home this evening. It's blurry because there is red netting over it, and my camera couldn't quite deal with that.



  1. Hello!

    Aww, that outfit is soo pretty--thanks for participating! I love the pink, and the t-shirt underneath is a great way to make it modest. =)


  2. I'm telling you I love that dress! It's got such a fantastic lace pattern and the color is just perfect. =)