Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That really hurt Charlie!

Saira. SAIRA! When I first started blogging Saira was one of my first followers. She said I inspired her. She inspired me in turn. She had just started a blog also, and she had posted about twice before everthing went south. By everything went south, I mean that her blog dropped off the face of blogger. The first two posts she had written were still visible, and she still followed me. But when I clicked to go to her blog it never took me there. It told me that is didn't exist. Yesterday on reader I was over joyed to find that around 20 posts showed up! 20 posts I had never seen, had never even known of, posted in the last year, had just suddenly showed up. I clicked to go to her blog, thinking everything was good again, after so long. But it told me that her blog was 'registered'.
I smiled when I read her posts, wishing in my head that I knew her, that we were best friends. But unless I wrote a blog post to her, I wouldn't be able to contact her.
It only just occured to me to write her a blog post, after I logged on and saw that I had one follower less then yesterday.

Too late. Good bye Saira, I dearly hope someday that you find this, that you know why I never contacted you. I hope that your costume sewing continues to go well. Love you girl. I'm sorry.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The step father GLARE

So first of all, inspiration is taken from a red salvatore ferragamo add, and a marc Jacobs add in which the girls are glaring at the camera. So I tried to dress all in the same colors, though the tights and socks were too dark.

So of course in my mind I had to tell the story of why the girls in the photo glare. They glare because their step father continuosly intrudes apon then. When he comes in, they stop what they are doing, glare at him, and don't go back to what they were doing until he leaves.

And yeah..I just happened to find a stuffed animal. -_-


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Monday, January 24, 2011

This chic has a chictopia

So you guys, I have had a chictopia for a long long time, but I just recently started actually getting on it. I forgot my password, that how long I've had it and haven't used it. Haha yeah... Anyway, I have two sets of outfit photos yesterday. You will probably realize that I am obbsessed with stripes. Yup.

Don't you love these little sunglasses? I've had them for forever and a day. And that my friend, is a long time.
Funny story about this green jacket thing. My friend's Dad's family pulls names and they get a present for whoever's name they pull. Well he pulled his sisters name, and she was really upset because she knew she would hate whatever he got her. So he went to good will and found the ugliest dress they had, and gave it to her. She was so super mad! Then he gave her the gift card he had gotten for her. This present returned every year, and whoever recieved it had to wear it and have his/her photo taken in it. Including my friend's Dad. And then he gave it to me, I guess the family tradition is over, 'cause this chick is not giving it up!

Waaaaa! I be ninja.

See? More stripes. Enjoy!

So I have a question for you, and I'm going to put up a poll in the side bar for it: How often should I post?
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some of the cutest kids I know

Starting with these ones...yeah. Haha this is my sister, and one of my best friends. Actually, this is the friend I am going to Colorado with! Super excited! So on Friday we do school together, and we Kat was like "Hey do you have plans tonight?"
"aha I'm home schooled, of course I don't!" hehe just kidding, thats not how it happened. I had decieded to skip speed skating because I wasn't feeling like 2 hours of brutal exercise. So we went out for Chinese food! And since we got the buffe, we figured we might as well try some new things...

Yes, it was really gross. I also tried fried zucini, which was too bad, and I tried some fish which was actually pretty good. I also tried this weird looking fruit, Ew. haha, but you should always try new food, because you could find a new favorite!

So now we move on to Saturday (today:) We went to our friends lovely home/house/farm to help move furniture, and to celebrate not one, not two, but three birthdays that are on the same day. The twins are turning two, and Anna is turning 8.

We had a lot of fun decorating all three cakes.

Ab showed me his flip. One talented kiddo.

Sonja! Is this not adorable?
*squeel* I'm such a weirdo. I was freaking out over their cuteness pretty much the whole time we were there.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coming soon to a computer near you!

Do you love vintage clothing, all around neat clothing, and be-a-utiful decor? Well friends, get ready for a revolutionary online consignment store! My friend is putting her first item up for sale on Ebay on February first! The auction will run for one day, and then another item will be put up.

The first to go will be this lovely genuine leather trench. The special feature? The fasteners are keys!

And of course since she got it for a steal, you're going to get it dirt cheap.

There are more details on her blog, so head on over and check it out!


*This was paid for by awesome friend ship*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fifth day of the fever

BIEBER FEVER. ha. Just kidding.
But seriously, I've had a fever for five days. *gasp* After throwing on my ugliest sweet pants (aoropostal) and my t-shirt, the only thing I have changed since Friday, is socks and underwear and ya know, that other thing girls wear. I skipped work on Saturday, I stayed home from church on Sunday, yesterday I skipped my IOTC class. I don't have anything planned for today except sucking on mints and reading the odyssey. Now before you get to thinking I'm smart, 1.I had to good odyssey because I still can't spell it. 2.As I read my mind is thinking about everything BUT the odyssey 3.I have to use cliff notes to make sense of it all (mostly because I'm usually not paying attention as I read) (BUNNY)

So because nothing is new with my outfits, I figure I'll blog spam you with some things I've been thinking about lately.

-At my church, all the children are home schooled. This often wards off visitors. People will say they thought about coming, but they would feel out of it because they don't home school. It is not required that they home school, and I myself, and my friends from church, have public school friends who are very near and dear to us. The truth is that not every family is cut out for home schooling, and its possible that God has not called some people to home school. But just because you don't home school, doesn't mean you shouldn't come to our church.

Actually if you think about it, the reason we don't have public/private schoolers at our church is because of the people who don't come for that reason. If they came we would. (This all makes sense in my head)

Meh well, I guess I'll never take a step out of my front door because everybody else in my neighborhood is public schooled.

But I guess, b+a=c, and a+b doesn't.

I'm really not trying to bash anyone. But I've just been thinking about all this lately. People may think that we are excluding them, but really they are excluding themselves.

I mean all the time, every where I am surrounded ONLY by public/private schoolers, do I feel out of place? Well of course not. Do I feel pressed to go home and sit in my room all day and never go anywhere? No, no I'm quite the social butterfly. But I'm also REALLY shy. Just ignore that contradiction. It makes sense when you know me personally.

See the thing about being home schooled:
I don't go to your school, so I'm not going to help with popularity
I'm not learning at the same pace as you, whether it be slower, or faster, so I can't really help you get good grades.
I can't go to school with you, and stand up to the school bullies for you. I can't help you deal with the mean girls.

But I can be there for you when you come home crying because your 'friends' ditched you. I can be there for you when the kids on the street are making fun of your report card. I can be there for you and show you how to throw some really good punches, and I can listen when you talk about how that girl really hurt you today, and assure you that the things she said aren't true.
Yeah, and I'm never going to stop telling you to watch your mouth.

And just as you ask me about if I wear pajamas to school, I'm going to bombard you with questions about your uniform, and the school dances.

Anyway, please pray for healing!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Instead of being annoying on FB

I'll just be annoying on here!

Today I woke up with a sore throat, an aching back, a head ache, and a cough.

I took some Ibuprofen, got dressed, brushed my teeth-also took some super tonic-homeopathic thing.

From 10-12ish I was at the library, doing school with my friend, and then eating lunch. From the library, we headed strait to a little town close to where I live for our home school co-op.
-Chemistry lab
-visit with friends till mom is ready to go.

We stopped by taco bell and I got a chalupa. When we got home I got ready for speed skating, and then left. I ate my chalupa on the way to practice. After a 2 hour work out, I came home.

Writing this makes me think of the blessings I had today. I got to wake up in a warm house, in a comfy bed, with warm blankets. I had medicine available. I get to do school with one of my best friends and her family, and my family. I don't have to wake up at 5 to get ready to go to school. I have a good public library. I have teachers who care about my education, and want me to excel. I got to draw with crayons. I got to have some of my favorite food! I have skates. I'm not a vegetable. I have team mates who want to help me, and do. I have a helmet. I got to ride in a heated car. I got an A on my paper. :P

Of course there are many more, but I'm tired, and it would take me about forever to list all of my blessings.

Praise the Lord!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

No phone, no pool, no pets, ain't got no Cigarettes.

You get 10 cool points if you know the song my title came from.

Really the song makes perfect sense with my skirt.

I went skating today, and as usual, it was super fun!

I brought my light sword saber. hehe. Sometimes when you're with a bunch of home school kids, if you blink, when you open your eyes, almost every one has a sword. Its a nerd thing.

Ooh yeah, look at those sharp shoulders!

"There are two things I use the force for, my skater tricks, and intching my back,"

Jacket thingy: Yard sale!
Shirt: hand-me-down ?
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: Charolette Russe
Nail polish: the icing. Its funny because its mint, and its chipping. Mint chip! Hmm I love ice cream!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Up on the roof top click click click

I went to the library again today, so more roof top photos! I enjoyed running around with my cloak flying behind me, fantasizing about what people thought when they saw me. I finally got to go to speed skating practice today! I've had work and events these past few weeks. I'm also going to the home school skate tomorrow. I don't have work on Friday, so I get to go to practice then too! Three days of skateworld in a row=one happy me. Also one happy sore me...
My purse in the 'field'
I wore my 'poof' today...that is why my skirt is so full.
hehe I'm obviously a traveler! A map skirt, and clocks set to times all around the world! (The clocks don't actually work :( )
Haha how awkward is that?

Cloak: Vintage~Aunt B.'s vintage collection
Jacket: Oh dear...on sale somewhere?
Red shirt: Hand-me-down
Dress: Hand-me-down? Thrifted? *sigh* I really should write this down.
MAP! Skirt: Thrifted for 4 bucks and 5o cents bucko
Boots: Charlotte Russe. $40.00 buckeroos. *wallet cringes*
Belt: Thrifted for a few bucks
purse: Vintage~Grandmother's attic

Outfit plan for tomorrow? JEDI!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lets get down to business, to defeat, the huns!

This has got to be the 3rd or 4th day in a row I'll make a man out of you has been stuck in my head. I'm not complaining though!
Today's outfit photos come 1. From my back yard and 2.from my bedroom. I took my photos quickly! Why? I was freezing my but off...need I say more?
heh, I remind myself of a little girl at my church (we had lots of fun playing together yesterday:)
Today is day 4 of Natasha's modest online fashion week thingy. :D It is also the third day in a row I've painted with my lovely water colors! I surprise myself with having a tiny bit of talent. Yesterday I painted the rivers clapping hands, and today I painted the mountains singing.

Psalm 98:8 Let the rivers clap their hands; Let the hills be joyful together before the Lord.

Some versions say hills be joyful, some talk about the mountains singing. Hill, mountain, POOHtato Patato. hehe. BOO!nana, Banana. Purple, Poiple. Personally, Poisonally. Bonjoir, Ola, Hello, Hey, What's up? How do you do?

Green shirt: JcPennys~A buckeroo or two

Velvety Jacket: Christmas gift

Skirt: Hand-me-down

Tights: Kohls~FREE~I do like promotional objects found in the mail...such as little cardboard $10.00 fake money. (Of course, those federal reserve notes are some pretty funny money too. Not that any of us are laughing.)

Shoes: Yard sale~$2.00~Mother's treat

Sorry, when I press enter it double spaces for some reason I do not know.

Hope you have a lovely day! L<3ved

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'll make a man out of you (Day 3)

I took a tiny adventure to the library today for photos. We have a cool library that is some what underground, so I took my photos "on the roof" It's neat because it has a little field, and a walk way around the field. Can you guess from the title what movie I picked up? I think next time I do an "Opening arms to heaven and making a joyful noise unto the Lord" pose, in a field I will raise my tri-pod. Don't I just look like Anne praying?

On the roof. Look at that beautiful sky! It was so clear, I spotted the little dipper (one of the two constolations I know) when I arrived home from the IOTC (Institute on the Constitution) class. It made me want to grab my telecope and scan the mid-night sky.

A few of these photos, were not taken on the roof, but on the entrace to a trail that runs off the library propery. I would have also taken a photo with a lake in the back ground, but I noticed the sign that boldly declaired "PRIVATE LAKE NO TRESPASSING"
Today is the third day of Natasha's fashion week. As usual I am up late blogging. It is unfortunate as my mother has decided to start getting us up earlier. I usually sleep till 9, she's waking us up at eight, and it is nearly 12 here. Yes, I am the master of being a "Lazy daisy"

We started school again today. The only real downer about that is math. Math is the menace of my life. Other then that I really enjoy it. Right now we are studying Greece, and of course, Greek mythology a long with it. I mostly read love stories today, they were beautful, but tragic in their turn.
I feel so poetic and happy today, but its mingled with sadness. My sister and I have some very dear friends, one who just moved, and another who is planning to move at the end of this month, or the begining of next.

I very much enjoy being a weirdo.
Purse: Vintage~Grandmother's attic
Tribal jacket thingy: Vintage~Grandmother's attic
Yellow cardi: Hand-me-down I think
Bathing suited ladies shirt: either retro, or vintage, I'm not sure which~Mother's Closet
Red Dress: Vintage~Grandmother's attic
Shoes: Hand-me-down.
The more layers I wear the more details I must type. Heh.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What works. (Day 2)

Today I actually took my photos outside! It was extreamely exciting. Screwing my camera onto a telescope tri-pod is the trick I used. Unfortunately it is not as easy to use as the tri-pod that is sadly lost. But it's what works. I photographed myself with the self timer at around 4 in the evening. Adventurously, I used three different locations, all in the perimiter of mine and my neighbor's yard. How daring. My face seems so unsure in this photo, but I love the outstretched arms. I'm open for creative criticism, I want to make my outfit photos better.
Details on the scarf. Also, mint green nail polish!

Today is day two of Natasha's Fashion week.

And I think this last photo is my favorite for the day.
Hat: Vantage~Capricorn's vintage
Shirt: So~Kohls About 5.00-gift from Nana
Dress: Gift from Aunt B.~All saints (from italy...made in china. hmm)
Jacket: Free clothes give away~some church
Scarf: A gift~Katy Kat
Purse: Vintage~Grandmother's Attic~Aunt B.'s vintage collection
Footless tights: Claires~$6.00
Shoes: Yardsale~Mother~ 2 buckeroos!
Comments, questions, complaints?