Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That really hurt Charlie!

Saira. SAIRA! When I first started blogging Saira was one of my first followers. She said I inspired her. She inspired me in turn. She had just started a blog also, and she had posted about twice before everthing went south. By everything went south, I mean that her blog dropped off the face of blogger. The first two posts she had written were still visible, and she still followed me. But when I clicked to go to her blog it never took me there. It told me that is didn't exist. Yesterday on reader I was over joyed to find that around 20 posts showed up! 20 posts I had never seen, had never even known of, posted in the last year, had just suddenly showed up. I clicked to go to her blog, thinking everything was good again, after so long. But it told me that her blog was 'registered'.
I smiled when I read her posts, wishing in my head that I knew her, that we were best friends. But unless I wrote a blog post to her, I wouldn't be able to contact her.
It only just occured to me to write her a blog post, after I logged on and saw that I had one follower less then yesterday.

Too late. Good bye Saira, I dearly hope someday that you find this, that you know why I never contacted you. I hope that your costume sewing continues to go well. Love you girl. I'm sorry.


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  1. oh that's a bummer! I'm sorry- I'm sure it was nothing personal and that her life just didn't warrant a blog the way she had it anymore!