Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything looks cooler through a fish eye lense...

ha too bad for you I don't have one. But hey, I still have blurry arms for your enjoyment. So, as you might have been able to tell from previus posts, I've decided to try and take creative photos! Yay! No more boring bathroom wall.
Notice that we have two pravias, not just one:) Ladys and gentalmen, the homeschool buses.

I really like this belt because of all the colors and it also has a sort of little man pattern.

I actually got ride of this skirt a while back but when my sister didn't want it anymore I welcomed it back to my side of the closet with open arms.

haha I stink at vollyball.

I am so excited for tomorrow! I get to see my first drive in movie! I'm going with my friend and her family and we're going to see prince of Persia and alice and wonderland. Plus I'll get some cha-ching $$ tomorrow mourning for babysitting. L<3VED

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I always kinda wanted to know, but I was never brave enough to ask.

On Monday I found out that both my Mother and Father developed a fever yesterday. Everybody in my house has some sort of sickness.
I wore my polka dotted scarf once again. I think I'm addicted to it.

Theres just something about the scarf which makes me want to bob and curl my hair, smile all the time, and wash dishes.

I think maybe next time I'll try black....L<3ved>

A blanket of nyquil has falled over my family.

It was hot on Tuesday, as its getting to be almost everyday. I shouldn't have dressed accrodingly as I stayed inside most the day. Today was a very good day for me, mostly because the peaceful still of sickness has consumed my house. I'm not saying its a good thing that we're wraped in germs, I just like the peace and quite-aside from the usual sounds of sickness that is.

I thought I'd take some in motion photos today. They were inspired by a book I finished reading today called sources of light.

This next photo was inspired by the book cover. I forgot to take it's photo though, sorry.

So I spent most of my day reading and cleaning. I did about four loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, swept the floor, wiped down the counter and oven, cleaned the bathroom, and tidied up the basement. I just didn't vaccume, as that would have disrupted the stillness of the house.

I also picked a bowl full of strawberries today from our planters out back. I love having food growing in the backyard. We have a grape vine and at the end of the summer we love being able to walk out the backdoor and grab a snack for the road as we head to a friends house.

We used to have a cherry tree, well, sort of. The people who live next door to use used to have a cherry tree that had limbs on our side of the fence. Last year we got so many cherries that we made 3 or 4 pies. The tree was pulled apart in a storm and was later cute down. We all miss the tree and we love it's child. For a cherry tree started to grow from it's roots! It will be years before we get much from it though.

Its just so weird that people think this came around by chance. L<3ved
P.S. strawberries-fruit of veggie?

Monday, May 24, 2010

oh you go girl! Wash them delicates!

So remember Celeste, the birthday girl? Well she was at my house the other day and I told her I wanted to wash this scarf but I wasn't sure how to because it was so delicate. She told me to punch holes in a ziplock bag and then put it in the washer. So that's what I did. It worked:) The only bad thing was that the scarf has tassles and they got all tangled up. But I think that would've happened anyway. So, just thought I'd share this helpful tip.

I feel a great summer coming on.

Sunday was a fun day. We (my family:) went to the first church service and when we got home my sister and I (me and my sister?) went to our friend Celeste's house. It wasn't far, just across the street. She was celebrating her 14th birthday with a slip n' slide, friends, water balloons, and hamburgers. Don't mind all the stuff behind the scarfs. So I wore this to church. hehe I was trying to imatate a dance move. I love wearing all white clothing, it makes me feel fresh, clean, and sort of daring.
Okay, this photo has to be my favorite today. Why? Its just so darn cute!

haha Celeste is like "Oh you found one," I'm always annoying her by finding them because she wants to find them.

ooh can't wait to get in the real pool instead of the kitty pool. The kitty pool water was actually warm.

So I had a great Sunday and I'm really looking forward to the wrest of the summer. L<3VED

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I realize now how bad the lighting is.

So Amanda Beth from Amanda Beth online has written two posts about room decore.

The second post inspired me to stab my wall with tacks and hang accessories from them. go check it out:) L<3VED

home school graduates.

Or, just one:) This is my friend Katheryn, she made the dress she is wearing, which by the way is absolutly stunning. It was not, however the way she had actually planned on wearing it. This dress was made out of the skirt of the original dress she made for her graduation recital. But when she tried to play in the dress, she couldn't. So she just finished this dress today. Congradulations Katheryn, not just for graduating, but for skipping the robe and awkward square thing.
This purse is not among the most practical things to use as a life carter. It may look roomy but I could verily fit my camera, wallet and sunglasses in it.
I found this scarf, along with an oposite (white on red) I think they were fifty cents a piece? hmm that or 25 cents each.
I wore this to Katheryns graduation recital and I wore a white oxford shirt, cool earrings, jeans, and a blazer to the homeschool graduation.
Meh shes are haning out on meh wall. L<3VED

Friday, May 21, 2010

so basicaly. I keep losing track of time.

Which is why I haven't written in so long. Perhaps I should start scheduling posts? Anyway: Monday/wow I really need to clean my mirror. Tuesday


So we went to this free lunch thing and the car next to us convayed this message:

This was just a quick fit I threw on to go to lunch

I also made a ski bracelet...

This is what I wore after lunch (after showering)

I just cut the toes off these heels and stuck them in my shoes and was like "what?"


Thursay/yesterday So we went to the library and this was hanging on one of the shelfs. Therefor willard is my favorite library.
We went to the library for a cake decorating program. It was so much more fun then the two semesters of food decoration I took. It could have been because I didn't have to wash anything, bake anything, or carry around a bunch of stuff and be stressed out all the time.
I wore a dress only I tucked in the top so it looked like a lumpy skirt. I talked to a lady about costume design and guess who might be helping make munchin costumes for the wizard of Oz!
Friday/today wow. I went with my homeschool group to volunteer at camp reveal (a christian summer camp) and boy, was it had. We raised huge tents, took out a truck of trash-and I don't mean just bags of trash I mean a truck loaded with boxes and breaking bags of smelly nasty stuff.
I knew we were going to be working hard so I just went with jean shorts a black shirt and cool hair. L<3ved

Monday, May 17, 2010

Three ways to brighten someones day

1.refill the toilet paper roll. Okay, we've all been there, (well if you have a big family) you sit down and your doing your business, you glance over and the toilet paper roll is empty. Okay this is an emergency situation! What are you going to do? So you see how refiling a toilet paper roll will definitely make someones day-even if they don't know it.

2.Throw the box away. You know what I seriously *I stop to acknowledge the fact that for the first time ever I did not have to use spell-check to spell seriously correctly* dislike? When I go snack searching in the kitchen and I find a box advertising delicious goods, I proceed to glance into the box and it's empty. wow! HUGE disappointment. So remember, when you throw a box away you will be stopping a world of pain for the hungry hobo who lives in your basement without your knowledge. haha woops, I wasn't supposed to tell you that....on to number 3!

3.Leave a penny on the ground for somebody to find.

If you remember and practice these three things you will be making this world a better place.
L<3VED that I'm finished ignoring you, I guess I should bring you up to speen on all thats been happening.

1.I'm (trying) to start my own brand to sell at a consignment shop in my area. The brand name is spoof prep. Basicaly I just remake clothes for fellow hollister/aaropostal/abrocombie and fitch haters. Also I'm thinking about embroidering some polo shirts because the demand for those will go up as the public schools in my area go uniform. 2. I now own a pocket watch. Best gave me this for my birthday.
3. this is my guide.

4.from the same Friend that gave me that book came this funny card:

oh, woops I guess you can't really see what it says. Don't worry, I will translate: "Ta-daaa"...."this is awkard"

5. my friend dissapointed me by giving a card that said "when the time is right you will know" but there was no invisibilty cloak in the box.

6. I forgot how amazing it feels to carry my whole life in my purse. Thanks for reminding me Alli:)

7. my party was kinda project runway themed. Here's Lexi with the shorts she embelished:

Pretty sweet right?
Ahh yes and the lovely Kathryn making a purse out of an old shirt:

Elizabeth enjoying cake, as I enjoy her outfit.

Dasha drawing on a shirt-the end result was so cool.

haha I love this photo-Lydia (the sister) with the arm warmer she made.

Katy-kat with her ninja mask.

and here are some outfits I wore in my time away.

so....yeah. L<3VED