Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A blanket of nyquil has falled over my family.

It was hot on Tuesday, as its getting to be almost everyday. I shouldn't have dressed accrodingly as I stayed inside most the day. Today was a very good day for me, mostly because the peaceful still of sickness has consumed my house. I'm not saying its a good thing that we're wraped in germs, I just like the peace and quite-aside from the usual sounds of sickness that is.

I thought I'd take some in motion photos today. They were inspired by a book I finished reading today called sources of light.

This next photo was inspired by the book cover. I forgot to take it's photo though, sorry.

So I spent most of my day reading and cleaning. I did about four loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, swept the floor, wiped down the counter and oven, cleaned the bathroom, and tidied up the basement. I just didn't vaccume, as that would have disrupted the stillness of the house.

I also picked a bowl full of strawberries today from our planters out back. I love having food growing in the backyard. We have a grape vine and at the end of the summer we love being able to walk out the backdoor and grab a snack for the road as we head to a friends house.

We used to have a cherry tree, well, sort of. The people who live next door to use used to have a cherry tree that had limbs on our side of the fence. Last year we got so many cherries that we made 3 or 4 pies. The tree was pulled apart in a storm and was later cute down. We all miss the tree and we love it's child. For a cherry tree started to grow from it's roots! It will be years before we get much from it though.

Its just so weird that people think this came around by chance. L<3ved
P.S. strawberries-fruit of veggie?

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