Monday, May 17, 2010 that I'm finished ignoring you, I guess I should bring you up to speen on all thats been happening.

1.I'm (trying) to start my own brand to sell at a consignment shop in my area. The brand name is spoof prep. Basicaly I just remake clothes for fellow hollister/aaropostal/abrocombie and fitch haters. Also I'm thinking about embroidering some polo shirts because the demand for those will go up as the public schools in my area go uniform. 2. I now own a pocket watch. Best gave me this for my birthday.
3. this is my guide.

4.from the same Friend that gave me that book came this funny card:

oh, woops I guess you can't really see what it says. Don't worry, I will translate: "Ta-daaa"...."this is awkard"

5. my friend dissapointed me by giving a card that said "when the time is right you will know" but there was no invisibilty cloak in the box.

6. I forgot how amazing it feels to carry my whole life in my purse. Thanks for reminding me Alli:)

7. my party was kinda project runway themed. Here's Lexi with the shorts she embelished:

Pretty sweet right?
Ahh yes and the lovely Kathryn making a purse out of an old shirt:

Elizabeth enjoying cake, as I enjoy her outfit.

Dasha drawing on a shirt-the end result was so cool.

haha I love this photo-Lydia (the sister) with the arm warmer she made.

Katy-kat with her ninja mask.

and here are some outfits I wore in my time away.

so....yeah. L<3VED

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