Thursday, April 29, 2010

The tp'd kitten. Kitten heal that is.

I would just like to say that I love love LOVE you my lovely white skirt, you make me feel happy and pretty and swishy and sunshiny. Oh yes, and I love you too, you all me me feel happy and pretty:)

I'm likeing these shirts too, two skirts, two shirts, two shoes. One roll.
haha L<3VED

akward feet yada yada:what I'm reading.

Actually I just finished this one^^

I wore this to babysit. I loved it! It was just one of those outfits where I was like "Oh wow! I can't believe I made all this look good together, I can never find anything to wear with these pants!" Anyway, I'd like to but some more cream or peach shoes, maybe some heals with ruffles? I'd also like some blue shoes....okay, if I listed all the shoes I wanted we might be here for a while.

you should never be rude to an eagle, especially if your the size of a hobbit. L<3VED

akward feet photo feature:buffy edition/I was too lazy to take actual outfit photos.

Willo and her boyfriend Oz. Oz if my favorite:) This lovely vintage shirt with it's lovely vintage pattern and my apariently fuzy wuzy frizzy hair.

Buffy and angel-who is now undercover on the set of bones.

I had a lot more photos featuring characters, but I decided not to boreeezzzz you:) No copy right infringment...or whatever I'm supposse to put up about taking photos of buffy and the clan. L<3VED

Sunday: well at least I didn't leave you for a whole week this time:)

So yes, Sunday. David was sick-some sorta stomach virus. So we skipped the morning service...then Lydia started thowing up too. Me and my dad did go to the evening service. Then I went to youth group which was funn.
I was sort of standing on a street hocky stick. *sigh* I wish people would play with me.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

akward feet photo feature (say that ten time fast)

So, as you may know from previous posts, I have a new feature on my blog that is all about taking akward feet photos, enjoy:

I hope you enjoyed my akward feet. Have some awkard feet of your own? Send them in to me: L<3ved

friday-homeschool highschool formal.

I loved it! And guess what! It was't lame! We even did a bit of dancing, love. After party: black light volly ball, human fuze ball, two a team dodge ball, tag, danced a sorta real.

The light for this is bad. but here is my favorite outfit of the evening:
Only reason I would ever want to be a man-its just not the same when I wear a kilt.

A day in paris was the theme:)

oh, did I mention this is tha ball we played volly ball and fuze ball with? We used a ton of beach balls for fuze ball too.

The shoe laces to me keds lighting up.

after party outfit.

Me and Sahah...though you can't really see her face:/ Anyway, grand time, L<3ved

why do I keep neglacting you lovely people?

can't believe it has been a week. ugh, what am I doing? So, I don't have all the outfit photos, but I have decided to add a feature that is unique, to my blog. I call it "the akward feet photo feature," Taken laying on my bathroom floor with my feet against the door.

ewww my floor is so dirty. Taken not actually standing on my radio 'cause it's broken enough already, but sitting on my sisters bed lightly placing my feet on the red tomato that will not play CDs or cassettes.

I wore this outfit to climb a tree-I mean really, for that exact purpose. I was wearing all black before I put on all white, so I wrote somthing about it:
Earlier I was wearing all black, now I'm wearing all white, I'm like a zerbra that changes colors, instead of wearing stripes.

You like?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally we reach Sunday.

So tired, yesterday was a day long party. I am sore, broused, and tired. However, I had so much fun!

ugh bad face day. I bought the cool looking white shirt at a yard sale-cha-ching $)
need sleep, L<3VED