Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh, now your just being cute.

I wish I could say that Edguardo's day was uneventful, that she sat around bored all day. But Edguardo was not bored all day, and her day was in no way uneventful, it was full or vampires, demons animal spirits, and well, I'll stop acting like Lemony Snicket now. Most of the day I sat on the couch watching buffy the vampire slayer and eating fattening foods. This was of course after babysitting, and after yummy nachos.
I didn't even wear this outfit for most of the day, I just had on jeans with these shoes and this shirt. But then I changed becuase I was tired of being boring. So I threw this on and headed (A word which here means I totered unevenly on my kitten heals) to the park. When I got there I found a comfy tree and climed it. Then I sat in it. And I sat in it. And I just kept sitting in it, shifting my weight so my feet didn't hurt too much.
I also watched people play tennis, I enjoyed it. L<3VED

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