Sunday, April 25, 2010

why do I keep neglacting you lovely people?

can't believe it has been a week. ugh, what am I doing? So, I don't have all the outfit photos, but I have decided to add a feature that is unique, to my blog. I call it "the akward feet photo feature," Taken laying on my bathroom floor with my feet against the door.

ewww my floor is so dirty. Taken not actually standing on my radio 'cause it's broken enough already, but sitting on my sisters bed lightly placing my feet on the red tomato that will not play CDs or cassettes.

I wore this outfit to climb a tree-I mean really, for that exact purpose. I was wearing all black before I put on all white, so I wrote somthing about it:
Earlier I was wearing all black, now I'm wearing all white, I'm like a zerbra that changes colors, instead of wearing stripes.

You like?


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