Thursday, April 1, 2010

The trees are in bloom.

So, I have a good quot from today!
Lydia: That just looks ugly.

Thank you sir, may I have another?
Pearl earring: geology fest $0.50

pearl nechlace: yard sale $0.10

button down shirt: maxrave $2-3.00? so long ago...

black belt: hand me down free

gray shorts: bag sale-second hand pants, I cut them off 'cause I didn't like the fit. ?

black shoes: hand-me-downs free

So I've wanted to wear these shorts for a long time, but I was never brave enough. I'm glad I did today though-purrrfect! Well, except that they kept unrolling:b
Day 4 of the second hand fashion show! L<3VED


  1. Haha! Funny quote! lol

    Love the shoes - I need to paint my toenails red. Asap. And pearls are a girl's best friend. ;)

  2. ooh that's how I should have spelt quote! I am just so wrong when it comes to spelling.