Wednesday, March 31, 2010

modest fahion show: day 6 Second hand fashion show: day 3

ahh I am enjoying this weather so much! Its windy and warm. My hat was being blown off:/ So, anyway my shirt is hand-me-down gap, the skirt was a consignment find as were the shoes, the leggings are from maxrave, and the hat is from capricorn's vintage.
On the "board walk" (picnic table;)
I found this old binocular case in my Mom's room-complete with binoculars. I love it, but it refuses to carry the contents of my purse, so I only use it ocasionally. L<3VED


  1. Cute outfit... love the stripes and capris with the skirt. And the case is fantastic!

  2. You recently said you're confused about wether you dress modestly or not. Don't worry about it. I am always thinking about modesty because I have a blog about it. You dress modestly and in such a cute way. You are expressing yourself in your dress. I see nothing wrong with that especially since I have looked at the pictures of outfits you have put together and you don't wear too tight, see through, or otherwise immodest clothes. Way to go, girl. I hope you will figure it all out and not be confused anymore.