Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I just finished my youtube marothon of a very potter musical. Awesome.

And the amazing zzzzzipper shirt strikes again, bringing a lovely "edge" to this outfit ;) I'm not sure what I was thinking with this skirt....something along the lines of "mummy made me wear a skirt," or just sofening up the outfit so it wasn't so dark. Or maybe it was just because I was cold and this skirt is like a sweater for the legs. Wouldn't it be awesome to have pants made of sweater material, like a knitted pair of pants? Awh. *makes wish*
I just tore this piece of fabric off my skirt. yeah. It was kinda already falling off anyway, because I stepped on it....oops. Oh yes, and this is Mondays outfit.


  1. *referring to the title*

    I can now claim you my soul sister.

    Didn't you love it? xD

  2. oh yes I did! I want to memorize the songs....'cause that would be totally awesome *shakes head and hold up index finger and pink*