Monday, March 1, 2010

haha so um I lied.

Instead of just taking photos, and using the restroom, I decided to eat chedder party mix (chex mix off brand;) and watch some television. But I still took the photos, and that's all that really matters right? right? So, I would like to adress an important issue in this post. On Fridays I go to a home school co-op called edu-kids, at this co-op there is a dress code. Now, almost every Friday during gym when we have to stretch, I have to put up with one of the teachers violating the dress code, and seeing older woman tummy is not yummy. So I would like to use cap locks for a moment now and say HYPOCRITE! Okay, now that's settled, I'll move on to the outfit.
Yes, this is indeed a half of a zipper. Lovely. L<3VED

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  1. I think you are the craziest most awesomest layerer that ever lived. I have wanted to tell you that for a while but I couldn't because the computer wasn't working. Lol. Anyway...i love the zipper idea. I saw a necklace made out of zipper pieces. I love the idea, only I need all my zippers for sewing!