Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweet Thang Vintage and hand made jewelry

Hey guys guess what! You know that Etsy shop I've had for like....two years? Well I finally listed some items! It would be much appreciated if you would go check it out! Thanks loves!

The urg to dress in revealing clothes when fit.

You guysssss! I'm in battle! I'm fighting a fit battle! Everyday I've been working out. I absolutely LOVE! my body, though it still needs work. The absolute hardest part of getting fit? Its not the weights, the shin splints, the running, the squats, the drills, the push ups, or skipping my favorite foods. Its knowing that once I have accomplished my goal, I wont be able to show my body off.
What frivolous scandal! How dare I! But its true.
I mean of course in some ways such as my BUFF arms I can show, but not my rock solid abs man! (I don't have either of these yet, but someday....:) I am sure they will look absolutely fab under my scrub shirt for swimming!
Gotta keep reminding myself that someday, I will be giving my body to somebody very special, and he will appreciate it more then the hundreds of people who would ever see it if I dressed immodestly.