Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wear the pants.

So I have these pants that my Nana bought for me when she visited (I only get to see her once a year) and they don't quite fit. For all of their cuteness I have to find other ways to wear them. So today I decided to wear them belted on. I went to the museum with a group of friends and in the parking lot some guy asked me to come show his daughter what I was wearing. The person at work in the gift shop compliminted me, and did a written portrait of me. I'll try and scan it for you later.

I actually used the flash to take these photos of our...dirty carpet, well, that wasn't the main focus. I just notice things...hehe

The green scarf had to be incorporated of course.

We went to Cici's (the most amazing pizza place ever!) after our trip to the museum.

And then the friends who were driving me home took me with them to the eye glass shop. Then we went to payless, TJmax and Target.

And I just wore PJs and my uniform yesterday, so I put the scarf on a straw hat for an "outfit photo"

Not exactly cheating. I just had such a wonderful day! Love you! L<3VED

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sack cloth and ashes.

Very very clean sack cloth, and invisable ashes... So when I went to the doctors today, I had to strip down and put this paper thing on. My hair is messed up from the scarf :P anyway, I've been thinking a lot about God lately, and our relationship, so this is really a thought post.

A few years ago, I believe I was mildly depressed for a short period of time. Why? You ask, as most believe it impossible for somebody who is filled with joy in Christ. Because I was having a "faith lapse" no, not the kind where I didn't believe in God, or I doubted he was real. I'm talking about believing in God heart and soul but not believing that I truely loved him, and thinking that I was damned to hell, and finding it impossible that God could ever love me. I felt like the only reason I wanted to be a Christian was because I didn't want to go to hell, I just wanted the benifits of heaven. And then I had a crazy thought:
" I can't be saved, but I need to tell as many people as I can so that they will be saved."
1. obviously I can't save anyone
2. I'm saved.
How? You ask, well I started really thinking about it. Hell is more then just fire. Hell is the fire without the prayer. Without the praise, without the encouragement. If my house was burning down I could pray. If my house was burning down I could priase the Lord. If my house was burning down and me and my sister were going to die no matter what, I could hug my sister close to me, and we could die in each others arms, wispering prays.

In hell? Full and total seperation from Christ. FULL AND TOTAL. Never feeling comfort again. I think I could bear the weeping and nashing of teeth. The torchor. I couldn't live with out taking comfort in Christ. I couldn't live without the hope that is with in me. And so I would be eternaling dying. Which is why we call that the second death.


What a wonderful day day dayyyyy

Sorry, Bryce, I know you don't like words spelled wrong on purposes. Shirt: Vintage G-mas attic
first skirt: Gift from Aunt B. (from Italy! In your face :O )
Second skirt: hand me down from Kat :)
Pants: $1.00 thrift
Shoes: hand-me-down.
Scarf: ??

So I went to the mall today and I got mint green nail polish! I have been searching for it for months! *pats self on back*
I also went to the doc's to have my physical. Why? Because I'm going to Colorodo this summer for a world view conference! Well, if I get accepted. So I had to get two shots :/ and pee in a cup.
Aww don't I look like a serine little wife who's husband just walked through the door?
Speaking of which, isn't God amazing? You see I was just thinking a lot about my "price charming" and I was getting sort of impatiant, and then on Sunday the sermon was about being patient and taking comfort in the Lord. Lemme tell you, I feel so much better now, I got the big man in charge looking out for me.
I have no idea how I would cope without having Christ in my life.
Goofy goofy, having lots of fun with this scarf!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Why hello there

It seems that unlike most bloggers, my photos have gotten worse over time instead of better. Figures. I decided to start challenging myself yesterday. I have this hat box full of scarfs and ties and the like, but I hardly ever wear anything from it. So I'm going to try and wear one item from the box for a week, each week. This weeks item is a green scarf. This is from the first outfit:
This is the second:
Would you like it if I started listing where I got my outfit?
I think its time for a hair cut.
Also, do any of you know people who know people who know people who can get me invited to some fashion shows in September? If so will you please have them do so? Thanks:)
hmm I'm not feeling particularly beautiful today. I think I ate too much chocolate. LO<3ed

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally the style blogger goes back to styling!

Were you getting tired of all my seriousness? I wasn't really, but I decided to show this outfit that I'm wearing today. THATS RIGHT! Today! Lately I've been so lazy about outfit photos because I can't find a great place to take photos like other bloggers do. Well guess what! I found a place. Right in front of art work. Mine and my siblings art work that is :D I guess this outfit only really makes sense to me... It was partly inspired by The Tourist-a movie that I say the other day with my friend. I think I'm in love with the costumes. The leading lady always dressed formally-and it was beautiful! Of course I couldn't wrap my mind around how huge Angalina's lips were. Real life Bratz doll? Maybe my friends, maybe.
The other part of my inpiration came from my new rule.
(Rule one and only). Always wear something you can run away in.

The necklace is absolutly brilliant and it comes from my Mum's costume jewelry drawer. Yes, drawer.

I didn't think it looked so hot paired with the vintage purse strap from above friend. Gold vs. silver I guess. But who says I can't wear gold and silver together?
So I didn't want to wear my two toned tights because I'm going skating and I don't want them to smell like the insides of my skates. So I put on my leggings and then put my knee highs on. Then I folded my knee highs over the lace on the bottom of my leggings. I have thing to say about this look: Less then three look, less then three.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Count down to Christmas, day 2!

So today is day 2 of AK's count down 2 Christmas event.
read Luke 2: 8-15 and blog about what that means to you, post a picture of your family (if you have a picture with aunt, uncle, cousins, etc. that would be great!)

Luke 2:8-15 tells the story of the shepherds being told about Jesus being born. I like how they were "Greatly afraid," when they saw the angel of the lord. We always envision angels as sweet little things when in reality they must be great and blinding!

So the photo of my family is extremely old, which means we were all young! *sigh* we sometimes wish Joshua had stayed that young and cute. hehe

Monday, December 13, 2010

Count down to Christmas day one.

Anna Katherine's count down to Christmas even starts today! Its like a blog party, and its all to God's glory!

You can see the schedule for the count down, and link up if you want to participate here
So todays mission is to read Luke 2:1-7 and blog about what that means to you and post a picture of a family member along with what you think there favorite part of Christmas is, then ask them and and post below your guess, what their favorite really is. You might get it right! :).

So on Luke 2:1-7-I found it so amazing how low of a position Christ was in when he came. There was no room in the inn, so he was laid in a manger. Actually, I love this for two reasons, when parents say "What were you born in a barn?" it makes me think of this, because where Jesus was born was close to a barn. The other reason is that you see how humble Christ is, that he, who deserves to be in the best hotel ever, with his own person waiter, was born in such a low position. The king of kings laid in a manger.

Okay, I think my sister Lydia's favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts, and receiving gifts, and counting gifts. This is her love language for sure!

Her answer:
I like the Cold, putting up the tree and looking at our home made ornaments. Actually I think my favorite part is opening presents and pigging out on food!

hehe I was partly right. Also everyone, I know on AK's blog it says you sign up you HAVE to do everything, but I really can't commit to that (life of a home schooler, ya know?) so I may have to break the rules. *GASP* but I'm going to try anyway, and you can too!

EDIT: She changed the rules, you don't have to participate in EVERY thing. hehe


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I feel like an idiot, but I look like an angel

Can I please just act conceited for a bit here?
I mean, here is how it goes:
You say your ugly, people are all "Oh no your not! Stop saying that!" Unless you are, then they say "Its whats on the inside that counts!" And guess what! Beauty is fleeting! It really is what you think, what you do, what you believe that makes you beautiful!

You gaze at your self in the mirror and think your beautiful. Your automatically conceited, vain, and prideful. Is there no medium? (No, because looks don't matter, remember?) Well I think looks matter just a bit. No, I'm not talking about your face, or your body, or your hair. The human eye is deceitful people. I'm talking about modesty (surprise?) and I'm especially talking about that special glow that Christians have on their faces.
Have you ever seen it?
The glow that came to my Moms face when her friend, who had been barren for years was blessed with a child.
When Chance came to church with us and started talking to paster Sam, and a huge smile hung on his face like a wreath.
Even in sorrow we rejoice. The faces of the mournful people, all in black. Smiling through the tears, singing praises with quaking voices. For the lady in the casket had assurance of faith and salvation.
I've written all this, and non of it is what I really meant to say. All I wanted to tell you, was that I feel beautiful right now. And I plan on feeling beautiful, for the wrest of my life.

Join me?


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its a celebration!

Dear friends, I am writing to you today to tell you that I am now writing a column called "Mod modesty" on a face book group called Christian+teen+that relationship thing. You can view the group HERE.
To celebrate I'm having a give away! I chose to give away a lovely demure from Natasha's Boutique. And she sent me two because it was a give away!

I chose to give these away because of THIS article I wrote.

Doing business with Natasha was great, and I recommend that you check out her shop!

I'm having way too much fun with this hyper link stuff.

Two people will win a demure. The first person I draw will win the Miss.Samantha black demure, the second will win the blue and black one.
So to enter, just leave a comment below and leave a way i can contact you. I will stop accepting entries after December 13th. I'm not sure when to winner will be made known. So stay tuned!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yesterday was woah

Hello everyone:) I don't have good photos of my outfit from yesterday, but I'm posting them anyway!

Yesterday I did about a mountain of school work, went to the dollar store (where Lydia got her new glasses) and went to our friends house for pizza and devotional. It was funtastic!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! L<3ved

The creative corner, or, the imagination station!

So if you were wondering what I was up to yesterday, it was school work. Lots and lots of reading. But when I tired of greek mythology, I started work on this lovely project!
A friend of mine gave me lots of thread, and it made this look so cozy and perfect!

I hope you enjoy these photos.
The Lord be with you. L<3ved