Monday, December 13, 2010

Count down to Christmas day one.

Anna Katherine's count down to Christmas even starts today! Its like a blog party, and its all to God's glory!

You can see the schedule for the count down, and link up if you want to participate here
So todays mission is to read Luke 2:1-7 and blog about what that means to you and post a picture of a family member along with what you think there favorite part of Christmas is, then ask them and and post below your guess, what their favorite really is. You might get it right! :).

So on Luke 2:1-7-I found it so amazing how low of a position Christ was in when he came. There was no room in the inn, so he was laid in a manger. Actually, I love this for two reasons, when parents say "What were you born in a barn?" it makes me think of this, because where Jesus was born was close to a barn. The other reason is that you see how humble Christ is, that he, who deserves to be in the best hotel ever, with his own person waiter, was born in such a low position. The king of kings laid in a manger.

Okay, I think my sister Lydia's favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts, and receiving gifts, and counting gifts. This is her love language for sure!

Her answer:
I like the Cold, putting up the tree and looking at our home made ornaments. Actually I think my favorite part is opening presents and pigging out on food!

hehe I was partly right. Also everyone, I know on AK's blog it says you sign up you HAVE to do everything, but I really can't commit to that (life of a home schooler, ya know?) so I may have to break the rules. *GASP* but I'm going to try anyway, and you can too!

EDIT: She changed the rules, you don't have to participate in EVERY thing. hehe