Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally the style blogger goes back to styling!

Were you getting tired of all my seriousness? I wasn't really, but I decided to show this outfit that I'm wearing today. THATS RIGHT! Today! Lately I've been so lazy about outfit photos because I can't find a great place to take photos like other bloggers do. Well guess what! I found a place. Right in front of art work. Mine and my siblings art work that is :D I guess this outfit only really makes sense to me... It was partly inspired by The Tourist-a movie that I say the other day with my friend. I think I'm in love with the costumes. The leading lady always dressed formally-and it was beautiful! Of course I couldn't wrap my mind around how huge Angalina's lips were. Real life Bratz doll? Maybe my friends, maybe.
The other part of my inpiration came from my new rule.
(Rule one and only). Always wear something you can run away in.

The necklace is absolutly brilliant and it comes from my Mum's costume jewelry drawer. Yes, drawer.

I didn't think it looked so hot paired with the vintage purse strap from above friend. Gold vs. silver I guess. But who says I can't wear gold and silver together?
So I didn't want to wear my two toned tights because I'm going skating and I don't want them to smell like the insides of my skates. So I put on my leggings and then put my knee highs on. Then I folded my knee highs over the lace on the bottom of my leggings. I have thing to say about this look: Less then three look, less then three.


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  1. you look great! i like the mix too. hope you had a fab Christmas!