Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy reformation day!

John Wycliffe

Martin Luther

Jan Hus

Ulrich Zwingli (not sure about this fellow, haven't heard much about him before)

John Calvin

John Knox

“Sola Scriptura,” or Scripture Alone

“Sola Gratia,” Salvation by Grace Alone

“Sola Fide,” Salvation by Faith Alone

“Solus Christus,” In Christ Alone

“Soli Deo Gloria", For the Glory of God Alone

It would be quite absurd for me to post this with out any explanation, and so, an explanation will be given.

The men I listed at the top of this post were men of God, who observed that the catholic church had been corrupted. Selling and buying indulgences-which is to say, selling something that would make sure the buyer would go to heaven, was a popular practice. But salvation is by faith alone, by grace alone, and in Christ alone. Sola Gratia. Sola Fide. Solus Christus.
These men fought to proclaim those words, and exclaimed that only by faith in Jesus Christ they could be saved.
Another thing is the language. Would you be confused if I wrote this all in Latin. (No, because we are homeschoolers, and homeschoolers love to learn dead languages) (well, not every reader is home schooled so ehhhhhh) (hehe sorry, I'm straying)
The men listed above also worked to translate the bible into the common languages so that the people could understand!

These men were ridiculed, locked up, and some were even burned at the stake. They were martyred in their own country's, and they stood up and spoke the word of God.

Will you?


Saturday, October 30, 2010


I didn't mean to look mad in this photo.


Monday, October 25, 2010

I was tagged

By KatySue from not all who wonder are lost. Isn't that a lovely blog name?

The rules to this tag are as follows:
You are given 8 questions from the person who tagged you before, your job is to answer them, write 8 questions of your own, then tag people with your questions.

1. Whats' your favorite article of clothing and why?
I have so many favorites! Hmm my white shirt. Oh, you may think thats plain and boring, but its the best for modesty tweeks!

2. What's a silly habit that you just can't break?
ugh, popping my everything that can be popped. I'm gonna have some bad arthritis.

3. Green nail polish, yea or nay?
oh yea for sure!

4. What would you consider the perfect afternoon?
A tea party on top of a hill with my best friends and chocolate chip cookies, brownie, fudge, and some pretty tree swings.

5. Is there a photo that takes your breath away?
All the photos that have taken my breath away, have always given it back.

6. Whats' the worst thing you've ever had to smell?
My friends feet when she takes her shoes off.

7. Quick it's a matter of extreme importance and you must decide right now......................................... Cherry Coke, or Cherry Pepsi??
cherry coke, because it sounds cuter:)

8. And lastly, do you like getting tagged? ;-)

Yes! Tags make my day! I took a while to get around to this one though...sowwy:/

So the new questions are:

1. If you could trade places with anybody for one day, who would it be?
2. What is your favorite thing to pretend?
3. What is the worst movie that has followed a book?
4. Have you ever set a password on your cell phone, and then it wouldn't work/you couldn't remember? (I ask this because my sister is desperately trying to unlock her phone...and mom is yelling at her...oopsy.)
5. What is you favorite thing about fall?

I'm just gonna do 5 questions. yeah. And I tag:

hehe I am having way too much fun with hyper links.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

aww not again

So basically, yesterday my printer didn't want to upload photos (I upload through my printer) but dad was home and he fixed it for me. But today he isn't home, and its not working again!
So if it starts working later I'll upload my fashion show photos.

I think I'm going to take a break from blogging for a week. After 4 fashion shows in 2 weeks, I'm wiped out. I don't think I'll be reading blog either, since that is where the real time consumer is.
So send me the important stuff! You can reach me at my email:

I'm going to use this break (ha, lets see if I can actually stay away that long)to read some books. Thats gotta be the biggest thing that I've slowed down on since starting to blog. I'm also going to work on some things so I can start listing on Esty, concentrate more on school, and make Christmas gifts for friends and family.

See you in a week:) Or, ya know, when I decide I can't stay away that long;)


Friday, October 15, 2010

A day at camp

Today was homeschool day at camp
reveal, so I went and met up with some friends!
It was such a perfect day! The breeze, the weather, everything!

I'm wearing my cut up blue shirt, red vintage dress, leggings from max rave, thrifted Christmas socks, and really comfy shoes! Two of the pins are my mothers, and the hand and spoon one is mine. Vintage of course:)

Today is day 6 of the fashion show.
My photo is way too tiny. WAY TOO TINY! Heh.

They had two huge tires, and a tire swing. What more can a girl ask for?
Love you, L<3ved

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scared for a second there-day 5

So today is day five of the fashion show, and I nearly paniced when my photos wouldn't upload! Dad fixed the problem so yay!

Today I wore my "servent girl, but not really" dress to toast masters (speech) and to the library! I was at the library for an informative program about etsy!
The dress is vintage, from the attic.
The cardigan is vintage, from the attic
the shoes are my Mom's, well, pretty much mine. They are covergirl.
The belt was thrifted.

So I've been thinking lately about starting an etsy shop.

Well, actually I made a shop months ago with help from Dad, but I've never listed anything.

So I was wondering what you guys think? I thought maybe I could sell some vintage, some of the teshirts I "redecorate" and also some paper works, such as cards. I love writing greeting cards!

Also, does anybody know how I can get my words to go under my photos? I just started writting one day and it put it on the side, and its confusing and I REALLY don't like it :(
Thanks huns:) Now go link up!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It swollowed me whole! BWMF-day 3

  1. Today is the third day of Bramblewood's modest fashion show! It going to be a lotta. As in a lotta fun.
You can go link up HERE

Today I wore a extremely extra larg sweater. LARGE it was a hand-me down
Dress: gift from Aunt. From all saints
leggings $3.00 at maxrave
shoes:$2.00 yard sale

Today I had work from 11-4 and it was busy! I have to take the PSAT tomorrow, and some friends who are also taking it are spending the night.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

the deed is done

The modest fashion shows are now over *tear* well, one started today. But three have ended! So far one has their poll up. Wanna vote (for me;)? XD please?
Just vote for your favorite outfit!


Tada! I'm so excited to finally figure out the HERE thing. L<3ved

Saturday, October 9, 2010


was super duper fun. NO JOKE, Actually, there were lots of jokes...made it all the more fun! First I had school with Kat-the one in the middle, with the white shirt.

Then I went to CHEER-our homeschool co-op, where S-pink shirt, black vest, teaches, and K and H are students.

After that we went bowling and had a "retainer smashing/b-day/last day of work/going away party.

We are all amature bowlers, I think thats the first time this year I've gone bowling. So none of us were REALLY good. So after each turn of...throwing the ball in the gutter we high fived every one!

S in her 'bowling pose' we all had one.

Smash the retainer!

Okay, so, in the bathroom at the ally they had these 'morf windows' so...the following ensued.

Smash 'em! she posed for this one XD

Then today we went to holiday world!

And...I have a huge announcement to make....which may include a...well, I'm not telling yet!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall fashion for the entripreneur

Its no secret to my friends and family that I'm money driven. For the last few years me and my siblings have raked many yards, and shoveled many drive ways. An essential to leaf raking is a good pair of work shoes. My work shoes are my brown chucks I bought for 3 bucks at a yard sale a while ago. They smell now, and are falling and ripping apart. Literally. They serve their purpose.
Another thing to have on hand, or shall I say neck? is a good scarf. My scarf is long, soft and comfy. It was a gift from my aunt who goes thought huge crafting stages.

My knit sweater from the anne taylor loft was either a hand me down, or a yard sale find, but I can't remember. I do suggest that if you use a knit sweat, make sure its tightly knit-you don't want the breeze to be let in from the holes. Fleece is a good alternative.

A pair of work jeans and a t-shirt will serve well enough for this occasion, you don't want to get to fancy, sometimes dog poop hides underleafs. I think thats the worst I've ever encountered during this seasonal job. My work jeans were hand-me-downs, and my shirt (not actually my work shirt, but it looks better with the outfit) was on sale at jc Pennys for 2-5 bucks.

Of course your going to want a good pair of gloves for 3 reasons: keep your hands warm' protect your hands from getting too sore from the endless motion of raking leafs.
3. pretty darn cute eh?
Also, lotion and chap stick work wonders! Your gonna want somthing for those chapped lips and sore fingers.

I couldn't find a hat to go with this, so I just flipped my hood up. A pony tail holder is also a good idea. You will also need a rake

or 6
and/or a leaf blower/sucker
and/or a leaf mower. Yeah, we started out with rakes, and we've been doing this for a few years, so we upgraded last year. The sad part it, its being commercialized as my brothers biz (his name is well known around here because he has a lawn mowing biz) when really, my sister and I have been on this leaf racking thing from the get-go. We pretty much started it. But David can push the mower, and Caleb is good with the leaf sucker/blower/mulcher.
So yes, work hard and some day you could own her own pants...I mean, 6 rakes, a leaf blower, a lawn mover, snow shovels, and a leaf mower, and fat suit...I mean, snow suit.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

KGCannon's Etsy store

Do you love to sew? Do you love vintage patterns? Well my friend Kathryn just opened a new etsy shop! The good news for you is that she is selling vintage patterns!

From full skirted dress to slim skirted dresses and skirt. From western to classic. KGCannons shop is the place to shop!

To view her shop just go HERE

Have a fun time shopping!

Padme fashion show day...what? what day?

So we continue on with the padme fashion show with: fashionable sleeves! I took my poofy sleeves, and wrapped some sweet ribbons around them.

You should head on over to:

And link up!


fall essentials...sort of.

Since this week is the fall show case, and I wont have very much time to blog on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, I thought I'd make some scheduled posts. So if that works out, you should be seeing this on Thursday. Today, I would like to cover some of my fall essentials

My first fall essential is lotion. As soon as the weather starts to cool down my hands become extemely dry. They have been known to crack and bleed also. So this year I'm staying on top of it by applying this sample of Mary Kay's 'satin hands' lotion every night. I use one thats fragrance free, becuase I had found that fragrance hinders more then helps.
Satin hands hand lotion, fragrance free: $10.00
I apply chap stick several times a day, and am very grateful for my blistex. Of course I'm also a huge fan of burt's bees, but I only buy that when its on sale for a dollar. I guess I should stock up next time.

A hat to keep your head warm. My hat is vintage, and was a gift from a friend. I love the feather!

Boots are good for keeping your feet warm, and your toes cosy! Mine were $40.00 at challotte russe. They are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought, and I don't regret it! I allow myself to splug on boots. I'm actually about to by a black pair for $30.00.

To keep your arms, chest, belly and back warm, you need a good fall jacket. I found this jacket at a clothes give away. Fleece is a really good fabric for a fall jacket/sweater
To keep your neck warm, a scarf or shawl will be much apriciated. I found this shawl in my moms room last year.
Keeping your hands and fingers comfy in the cold will take a good pair of gloves. My gloves were $5.00 at the vintage store. These ones are not really made for warmth, but they are pretty darn cute!
Last but not least we have tights. Thick tights are nice for fall becuase they allow you to wear your summer skirts without getting *too* cold. The purple pair shown here were about $5.00 at gordmans.
And here is the outfit all put together:
Its good to have very versitile fall accesories, as they can be worn with pretty much anything, so you don't have to worry about having to find the perfect piece for all of your outfits.
Fall fashion is so fun! And tomorrow's post will bring even more fun fall fashion! Say that 10 times fast:)
Hope you enjoyed this post, L<3ved