Sunday, October 3, 2010

day three, and day one. And tomorrow is another day one.

People people, are you not thrilled to death that my creativity will really be being tested tomorrow as yet ANOTHER modest fashion show begins? In through the nose, out from the mouth. Breath. Its gonna be okay. You guys actually stress me out, did you know that? I HAVEN'T READ ANYONES BLOG FOR 2 DAYS! *pulls hair out* ahhh. Because, yeah, I follow lots of blogs. lots and lot and well, this is getting redumbdent.

So today is day one of Marie loves fashion show case. You can go visit her here:

Its also the third day of the style lounges fashion show, today's theme is 'going to church' I didn't actually wear these shoes to church, I wore my boots because it was cold outside. But the boots made myoutfit go over the $35.00 limit. They are the most expensive shoes/clothing item I have ever bought! $40. and it was worth every penny!
Shirt: Maxrave, on sale um 2-5 bucks?
Vintage jacket, skirt, and suit:g-ma's attic
shoes: perminetly borrowed from my mom....hehe
necklace: gift from a friend

Also, I thought I should mention that my watch was 7 bucks at wal-mart, but I usually don't post about that as I wear it almost every day and I don't count it as part of the outfit. Although is does look really good with this one!

I love this skirt so much, I could wear it pretty much every day. Its like wearing a round blanket! Which is why it is my fall/winter skirt! As soon as it gets cold enough to wear it again, I go through a sort of phase. Its like an outfit season when I only want to wear this skirt with a matching cardi.
Something about this last photo is I was in a "mark Jacobs add mood" inspired by that one photo of the three girls unsmiling.

stressed tired. Night. chocolate. faint. Think about that! L<3VED