Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall fashion for the entripreneur

Its no secret to my friends and family that I'm money driven. For the last few years me and my siblings have raked many yards, and shoveled many drive ways. An essential to leaf raking is a good pair of work shoes. My work shoes are my brown chucks I bought for 3 bucks at a yard sale a while ago. They smell now, and are falling and ripping apart. Literally. They serve their purpose.
Another thing to have on hand, or shall I say neck? is a good scarf. My scarf is long, soft and comfy. It was a gift from my aunt who goes thought huge crafting stages.

My knit sweater from the anne taylor loft was either a hand me down, or a yard sale find, but I can't remember. I do suggest that if you use a knit sweat, make sure its tightly knit-you don't want the breeze to be let in from the holes. Fleece is a good alternative.

A pair of work jeans and a t-shirt will serve well enough for this occasion, you don't want to get to fancy, sometimes dog poop hides underleafs. I think thats the worst I've ever encountered during this seasonal job. My work jeans were hand-me-downs, and my shirt (not actually my work shirt, but it looks better with the outfit) was on sale at jc Pennys for 2-5 bucks.

Of course your going to want a good pair of gloves for 3 reasons: keep your hands warm' protect your hands from getting too sore from the endless motion of raking leafs.
3. pretty darn cute eh?
Also, lotion and chap stick work wonders! Your gonna want somthing for those chapped lips and sore fingers.

I couldn't find a hat to go with this, so I just flipped my hood up. A pony tail holder is also a good idea. You will also need a rake

or 6
and/or a leaf blower/sucker
and/or a leaf mower. Yeah, we started out with rakes, and we've been doing this for a few years, so we upgraded last year. The sad part it, its being commercialized as my brothers biz (his name is well known around here because he has a lawn mowing biz) when really, my sister and I have been on this leaf racking thing from the get-go. We pretty much started it. But David can push the mower, and Caleb is good with the leaf sucker/blower/mulcher.
So yes, work hard and some day you could own her own pants...I mean, 6 rakes, a leaf blower, a lawn mover, snow shovels, and a leaf mower, and fat suit...I mean, snow suit.

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  1. Love the outfit! Looks super warm! Theres a bit of a nip in the air right now in Montana. I'm acutally wearing a fleece hoodie, socks (which I never wear) and jeans! (Which I hardly ever wear)