Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sleep overs are so fun!

So last night my dear friend Padme spent the night with me! While we were laying in bed, listeing to some of her *steller* music we were wispering back and forth. When I asked her for fashion advice she told me this:
"Wear gold, and wear purple. Both are royal colors, and will make you feel like a princess. Feeling like a princess makes me feel beautiful, feeling beautiful makes you glow with beauty. So just do what makes you feel beautiful," Do what makes you feel beautiful. Those words have been resounding in my mind. If I ever make and sell perfume, shampoo, or some other beauty product, thats what I would put under the "instructions"
She seems to be on top of things-Obi
Vintage necklace..worn on head-g-mas attic
bow-thrifted 25 cents
vintage suit-g-mas stinky attic
white shirt-khols
brown pants-hand me down?
shoes-hand me down.

Anikin: When I got to them we got into aggressive negotiations.
Padme: Aggressive negotiations? What's that?
Anakin: Ah, well, it's negotiations with a lightsaber.

What are your favorite star wars quotes? Mine were just from Episode 2.



  1. My favorite star Wars quote is "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?" My faves are the old ones, especially A New Hope.

  2. I love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the coat!!!!
    I really can't choose a favorite Star Wars quote; i love them all :P

  3. Ooh, I love the necklace as a headpiece!

    Prizes would be awesome! You can email me with the details of what you have. The email is on my blog. =D