Monday, October 4, 2010

Day one-guest post

Hello, padme here. My friend Ed told me there was a modest Padme fashion show going on over at Bridget's blog called "gonna take a ride across the moon" I hope you get that ride across the moon someday, it really quite fascinating...though a bit low key for my taste. Anyway, I figured, who better to participate in the Padme online event then...well, me!
So today I went to the droid factory and found these poor speakers laying on the broken bench. Its called the broken bench because thats where the broken droids are stored until they can be fixed. I found a girl who was dressed strangely laying on the floor reading a speaker droid manual, so she could help fix them up.

Since I was in a hurry this morning as I slept through my alarm, I didn't have as much time as usual to work with the amazing canvas of my hair. I also couldn't find my other red hair clip, and the only other hair clip available was a rabbit clip. What's a rabbit anyway? They look rather scary, I'm glad I've never crossed one. Of course Ani kept making fun of the hair clip...

Until I threatened to throw sand at him. He hates sand.

Then guess what he did! It outraged me, he stole my stress ball heart! One minute I had it, the next my hand was grasping only air. I'll get him for that.
Since this is a style/fashion blog-whatever that means, I suppose I should list my outfit details

Red shirt: hand-me-down
jacket thing: yard sale
map skirt-helps me out a lot: thrifted
shoes: hand me downs. They are so comfy!

I also wore a purse strap that a friend gave to me to hold my light sword saber
and my sharp two edged sword and case.
When going out you should always take your two best weapons.
And yes, the two edged sword is my bible, thank you very much.
Well, its been really fun guest posting. Maybe Ed will be so kind as to let me post again later on this week.


thats what Ani wants;) ok, sorry, that was dirty.


  1. I like your bunny hairclip. So cute :)

  2. Hilarious!!! :D You do a great job as Padme!!!