Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall essentials...sort of.

Since this week is the fall show case, and I wont have very much time to blog on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, I thought I'd make some scheduled posts. So if that works out, you should be seeing this on Thursday. Today, I would like to cover some of my fall essentials

My first fall essential is lotion. As soon as the weather starts to cool down my hands become extemely dry. They have been known to crack and bleed also. So this year I'm staying on top of it by applying this sample of Mary Kay's 'satin hands' lotion every night. I use one thats fragrance free, becuase I had found that fragrance hinders more then helps.
Satin hands hand lotion, fragrance free: $10.00
I apply chap stick several times a day, and am very grateful for my blistex. Of course I'm also a huge fan of burt's bees, but I only buy that when its on sale for a dollar. I guess I should stock up next time.

A hat to keep your head warm. My hat is vintage, and was a gift from a friend. I love the feather!

Boots are good for keeping your feet warm, and your toes cosy! Mine were $40.00 at challotte russe. They are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought, and I don't regret it! I allow myself to splug on boots. I'm actually about to by a black pair for $30.00.

To keep your arms, chest, belly and back warm, you need a good fall jacket. I found this jacket at a clothes give away. Fleece is a really good fabric for a fall jacket/sweater
To keep your neck warm, a scarf or shawl will be much apriciated. I found this shawl in my moms room last year.
Keeping your hands and fingers comfy in the cold will take a good pair of gloves. My gloves were $5.00 at the vintage store. These ones are not really made for warmth, but they are pretty darn cute!
Last but not least we have tights. Thick tights are nice for fall becuase they allow you to wear your summer skirts without getting *too* cold. The purple pair shown here were about $5.00 at gordmans.
And here is the outfit all put together:
Its good to have very versitile fall accesories, as they can be worn with pretty much anything, so you don't have to worry about having to find the perfect piece for all of your outfits.
Fall fashion is so fun! And tomorrow's post will bring even more fun fall fashion! Say that 10 times fast:)
Hope you enjoyed this post, L<3ved


  1. cute outfit and great essentials! =D

  2. So cute!! I love this post. :) I really like your hat.

  3. The photos showing the finished outfit look very nice. Brown looks very good on you, and since you are tall, the long jacket looks great.