Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ooh lets go to the mall

Today is day 5 of the show over at the mod style lounge, the theme is going to the mall. When I shop, I like to wear a white shirt, black leggings, and comfy shoes.

White shirt-I wear a white shirt under or over so many things, that I like to have it with me to make sure something can be "modistfied" as Nasha (actually Natasha) says.

Black leggins-same as with the white shirt, I love wearing leggings and tights, so I like to make sure they look good with what I'm trying on.

Comfy shoes-when I shop, I walk a lot. I also like to have shoes that I don't need to wear socks with, and that can be slipped on and off easily. That way, any time I want to try on shoes, or a piece of clothing-like pants, it saves all of the tiying, untiying, and pulling socks on and off time.

I also like to have a bag instead of a purse, so that I can pack a water bottle, a snack bar, and some of the things I buy in it. I don't know about you, but shopping makes me thirsty, and carry a bunch of bags can be stressful.
White shirt: Nana bought it for me for 5 bucks at khols

Slip: g-mas attic

dress: thrifted 2-5 bucks

black footless tights....6 dollars at clairs?

shoes: hand-me-downs

bag: freebee thingy

I'm really enjoying all these shows! I have a mini photo shoot every day:) L<3ved

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  1. Cute dress and shoes! The title of this post reminds me of How I Met Your Mother, in the Robin Sparkles episode... haha!