Saturday, October 9, 2010


was super duper fun. NO JOKE, Actually, there were lots of jokes...made it all the more fun! First I had school with Kat-the one in the middle, with the white shirt.

Then I went to CHEER-our homeschool co-op, where S-pink shirt, black vest, teaches, and K and H are students.

After that we went bowling and had a "retainer smashing/b-day/last day of work/going away party.

We are all amature bowlers, I think thats the first time this year I've gone bowling. So none of us were REALLY good. So after each turn of...throwing the ball in the gutter we high fived every one!

S in her 'bowling pose' we all had one.

Smash the retainer!

Okay, so, in the bathroom at the ally they had these 'morf windows' so...the following ensued.

Smash 'em! she posed for this one XD

Then today we went to holiday world!

And...I have a huge announcement to make....which may include a...well, I'm not telling yet!


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