Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It swollowed me whole! BWMF-day 3

  1. Today is the third day of Bramblewood's modest fashion show! It going to be a lotta. As in a lotta fun.
You can go link up HERE

Today I wore a extremely extra larg sweater. LARGE it was a hand-me down
Dress: gift from Aunt. From all saints
leggings $3.00 at maxrave
shoes:$2.00 yard sale

Today I had work from 11-4 and it was busy! I have to take the PSAT tomorrow, and some friends who are also taking it are spending the night.



  1. K this blog is amazing. Can I please help you kill Hollister? I love that you want to be original. My logo obsessed school could definitely use your uniqueness.