Saturday, October 2, 2010

we party hard and we party good

Today is the second day of the mod style lounges A Girls Life Modest Fasion Show!

Todays theme is formal! I wasn't able to dress in this lovely manner most of the day, as I had work, so I had to stick to the uniform standards.
The dress, cummberbun, and bow tie were all finds from my grandma's attic. Two items used to be my mothers, and I'm guessing that the dress was my cousins.

The shirt and shoes were hand-me-downs.

ooooh thats grainy! hehe. This is actually what I wore to my homeschool high school formal sophmore year! erm...I've grown a bit since then, the dress wouldn't even sip up all the way.
Go linkety link! Thank you for hosting. yes, you, I know you girls from the lounge are reading this! I love how modest fashion shows bring us like minded girls together for...internet fellowship:) I always get to meet new people! L<3VED

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