Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Yes, the title does refer to me telling somebody that a decade is 5 years. *dies* Also, I was taking a cake order to day at work and I spelled peace wrong. *dies again*
The outfit photos are from....from...Monday! I think... sorry, skater photos eh. But these next two are from yesterday, when I went shopping with Kathryn!
This is Kathryns 'favorite pretzal' haha

I have...home work to do:/ But instead I'm on here blogging! I figured all my wonderful followers deserved a post...even if they have to mentaly correct my spelling and grammer errors!



  1. 1. It was not that bad that you halved the definition of a decade, and neither is it shameful to forget an a in "peace"! You're just fine!

    2. Lovely pictures!! :D

    3. Thank you for your comment, the hug and the laughs tonight. :) For the record, you're definitely one of my best friends, too. We've had our "ups and downs" - not knowing each other well, then not seeing each other often, and so and and so forth, but you and your family are like family to me, and I love you very, very much! <3

    Have a FANTASTIC day!

  2. hahaha girl you need to use spell check, same goes for me =P
    You look cute in your skater outfit, and totally rocking your hat.

  3. Best part is, you only misspelled two words: "pretzel", and "grammar". You misspelled "grammar" in the same sentence that you apologized for misspellings. :)

    Thanks for keeping a smile on my face!

  4. Becca: Thank you! I love you:D

    Shey: haha yeah I do need spell check, but I update my blog from a computer without it:/
    Thank you:) My hat is very practical. hehe

    J-cam: I said mentally correct. Pretzal is such a tricky word. Is it grammor? or sounds so proper:/

    Your welcome. Thanks for liking almost every post I have on FB XD I feel bad for not liking yours, but most the time I have no idea what your talking about. Computers confuse me.

  5. Ha ha! Last night I was writing our scripture memory verse on the whiteboard at church, and I misspelled the word "Deceitful"... I spelled it "Decietful". I didn't realize my error until our teacher pointed it out in front of the whole class. *blushes* Oops!


  6. Oh, I totally missed the "mentally" part. Sorry! :D Like I said, you only misspelled two words! Not bad at all.

    Didn't you notice that I spelled both "grammar" and "pretzel" in my previous comment? :D