Friday, September 24, 2010

So this all....and then that:)

Don't you love it when the perfect bible verse pops up? I just wrote the following post, and then I remembered my friend had posted this verse on her face book status:

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Mathew 6:34

So uberduber encouraging right now!

"Today was...good for the most part. Schedule for next/this week:
Saturday: Helping friends move into their house
Sunday: Church
Monday: Baby sitting 8:30-11ish Cookie work: 1-4
Tuesday: I was SUPPOSE to go shopping with a friend, but I'm scheduled for 1-4
Wednesday: Cookie work: 12-4 Church:5:30-?
Thursday: NO WORK! But, I have speech class, and I'm giving a speech that I have to write this week!
Friday: Tapestry (school) with friends, cookie work from 4-close (nine-ish)
Saturday: Gone all day for a six hour shift at theme park work. Also, the start of one modest fashion show. Then a few days I after that two more fashion show start. 3 shows in one week, and one show the week after.
Info in side bar.

Wow, its gonna be SO FUN working school into this! Sorry, no photos. I just feel so stressed right now, and hot, thirsty, discouraged, hurt, tired, my eyes are also watery. A few minutes ago, I was slap happy. Now I'm just...slap. Like, wake me up from this please?
Sorry. Prayer please? Thanks:) Also...massive amounts of chocolate please. Om nom nom

I might be back to my 'normal' self in the morning. "

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  1. Awwwe. I love you, E! I'll be giving you a good hug at church in the morning! :) (Not a bad hug - a good one. Heh heh.)