Saturday, September 18, 2010

om nom nommyness!

So, today was nice and long. It started with driving for about half an hour, then getting in to my friend's van and going to mcdonalds, then more driving-about 1 and a half hours, (we also stopped at a gun store, and a gas station) then when we got there we played on the play ground for a long while, took some photos. Then it was finally time to start the parade! We were there supporting Ted Metzger:) It wasn't very long, but I walked and threw candy, which was fun:) Then when it was over, we went to eat at Ryans-a buffay where I stuffed myself silly! Which is always fun. The food was SO good!
Anywho, becca^^ is spending the night! yay!

Lydia, eating her..what? Fifth dessert? Ah, unlimited desserts when the parent aren't there. I think she had more dessert then regular food.
ALSO! My friend taught me how to make a straw wrapper crawl like a snake! I feel accomplished now.

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  1. LOL! Looks like you had fun! Thanks for siging up for my fashion show! ~Natasha