Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So basically...

I would be showing you a photo of a bunch of guys wearing kilts and mixing plaid, but I can't.

I need some help people! My tool bar that has the little photo Icon is gone! Please find the kidnappers!

But as long as I'm here, I might as well give you a bit of an update.

Monday: I was called by the Cookie Place where I applied/interviewed to work for the Christmas season. Basically, they had some people quit, and they wanted me to start working the next day! So I went to The Cookie Place (fake name for privacy purposes) to grab a slip of paper that I needed to receive another work permit. Then we traveled downtown for the work permit. After that we stopped at the library to pick up a book we needed for literature. I also checked out some children's books on how things are made. For example: Books! I have an idea for a children's book. Then we grabbed some mcdonalds and brought home lunch. Staples and Fantastic Sam's were next on the list. My split ends were finally chopped off at Fantastic Sam's. Then we made an impromptu stop at target, and at a thrift store. Where I bought high waisted floral pants for one buck!
I didn't start school till public school was out. *Gasp* haha

First day of work was so funtastic! And yes, I meant to spell it that way;) Since it was my first day I had the pleasure of making a smoothie, and drinking it! And the place I'm working at is practically a home school staple. I worked with a home school grad. Its so laid back compared with Theme Park! Although, I'm sure its way busier during the Christmas and valentine season. I spent most of my time there practicing decorating. Thats right people, I stood there and drew with icing! I also made some pretzels, and took orders!

Wednesday (today)
I'll be heading to work in a bit, my shirt starts at 12 and ends at 4. I have to do some math now >( that is the face I make toward math.

Just pretend this post had a photo of a bunch of guys wearing kilts and mixing plaid. Thank you.

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  1. TheCookiePlace sounds like a blast, Ev! :D I can't wait to see you! ^^ Have a fantasimous day!