Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little bit of history.

You know what I love about...well, everthing? It's story. Everything has a story a compliment can bring out. When you walking down the stree and somebody compliments your dress and you tell them everthing. Maybe you bought it at your favorite thrift store, or it was on sale for a few dollars at a store that is usually too expensive for you. You tell them how you wore it to your first school dance, or maybe to a dinner party with your friends. But no matter what it is, it all has history. I love this shirt though its always confused me. Why have a thick short sleeved shirt? Thats like mixing two seasons. Too hot for the summer, too cool for winter. I can't remember where I got this, but I suspect it was a hand-me down. I used to wear it a lot more.

Ew my camera did a funky little yellow thing. When my Aunt Kim went to french lick on vacation with her family she bought me this pretty little butterfly. I remember it came in a tiny green box that I gave to my little sister. She cut a hole in it and stuck her finger up in it. Then she used some fake blood, trying to make it look like a finger was just cut off and placed in the box. The first time I wore this butterfly was around easter, when I went to my cousins house.
When my Mom was in the airforce she found this charming clock pin that is hard to photograph. She was stationed over seas when she bought it. I stumbled apon it when I was raiding her jewelry box, which is really just the top shelf of her dresser, filled with tiny treasures.

The day I found this pin I was searching through my Grandma's attic, ready to find some vintage wonders. I remember that when I went up I grabed a weapon, its always scary up there a lone. I think my Aunt B. was in town then-shes actually in twon now, were gonna go thrifting a couple of hours.

There used to be another little angel to this set. It was a birthday present from people who used to be our familys close family friend. We used to see eachother all the time, I don't even know where they are know.
I found this at one of my favorite consignment shops and the lady said I had good taste.
Anyway, see what I mean? Everything has at least one little thing you could say about it, if not more.
Also the winner of the hair clips is Miss Caitlin S. Thank you to everyone who entered my very first giveaway!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Ugh I almost forgot to write today! How could I? Anyway, I hope its not too late! haha of course it isn't! It's still Thursday!
So I've been thinking lately about publicity. I do so dislike it when bloggers are all "I'll give something away if I get more followers" um yeah, no offence to anybody personally, but heres the order of things:

1. You write about an interesting topic
2. People follow you

Do you really want people to follow you just so that they have a chance of winning something? I want people to follow me because they want to hear more about what I have to say, or because I inspire them, or because they like looking at my photos.

(by the way, giveaway reminds me that I still haven't finished the whole contest thing, I keep forgetting, sorry!

Believe me, your hearing from a girl who gets all sorts of annoying junk mail simply because she once entered a contest. Do you really want people logging into blogger and thinking 'ugh I wish that girl would stop writing or post a giveway, I'm so tired of seeing her posts on google reader.' ?

It took me a year to get 25 followers, and 2 people have stopped following my blog. And your sitting there promising somebody a cookie if you get 25 followers in one week.

Anyway, just some thoughts, L<3ved

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

psh ah blah ew *snore* *yawn*

I'm sorry, I know its been boring here lately. Sorry for the photoless posts, like this one. I've woken up at 6:30 for the past three days, caught the 7:40 bus, rode an hour, arrived at theme park at a few minutes until 9, bought bus tickets for the next day, used the restroom, checked schedule, checked my phone several times to make sure it was actually off, clocked in at 5 till 10:30, worked until 3:30 with only one fifteen minute break, clocked out at around 3:30, changed, went into theme park, ate, walked around. Waited for the 6 O'clock bus, got home at seven. Two days I skated, today I went to church.
All this happens with itchy bug bites on my legs.
Also, I got something in my eye last night, not even sure if I have it out yet, my eye is red, and its swollen underneath, I am so tired right now and I want icecream

Umm I guess I should add something positive to this post....the sun rose today. Also, I timed my skating, it takes me about 4 minutes and 22 seconds to skate a mile.
Goodnight lovies, L<3VED

P.S. I have no idea how you public schoolers who wake up early all the time survive.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

aww me first award ever.

Thank you so much Miss.Shey-by the way, I love your name!

So I'd like to award:

Charmalade from Toast with charmalade:

Bridget from Gonna take a ride across the moon:

The lovely Jessica who is the icing, the cupcake over at

Natasha (who I call Nana but she doesn't know it so shh...oh, I guess I shouldn't have posted this on the internet *giggles awkwardly, waves at Nana over the internet "hi Natasha"*

And finally Bree from he designs my life

You give me inspiration, you make me laugh, you make other kids's jealous because they don't have the pleasure of being your follower.

I'm sorry, again, I did not post what I wanted to post on Monday, I really want to do it though, so you'll have to be held in suspense longer. haha just kidding, I'll tell you whats up-but I'm not prepared to start it yet, when I am, you'll be the first to know. Menswear Monday! yaaaaaayyy!
haha L<3ved>

Friday, July 23, 2010

*sighs* I'm here, I'm alive.

Sorry, I didn't do anything on Monday:/ I'll try and do it this Monday. I had work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and today (friday) Oh Shoot! That reminds me, I wanted to do thoughtful Thursday.
Anyway, sorry I haven't been updating, lots of work, I'll try and get something up tomorrow-try.
My legs hurt. I worked and then went to see despicable me with my bestest friend. Then we met some friends at wendys and I got a frostie. Yummy!

I'm gonna go to bed now, hopefully I won't feel like a crap burger tomorrow.

ugh then I have work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. yeah yeah I know, you work 8 hour shifts five days a week to support your family. I don't even pay bills or buy groceries-haha! rub a monkeys tummy, rub a monkeys tummy with you head! hehe thats a reference from side ways srories from way side schoool. little bit of slap happy crappy humor for you.

When I have a house of my own my garden will be ruled by gnomes! Muahahahha

Friday, July 16, 2010

How would Anne wear tribal?

In times like these, that is the question I must ask myself. I'm not so sure she'd go for the red, but I think she'd like everything else:) z jacket and vezt were grandmothers attic finds, the shirt is from target, the shots were an old pair of grandpa pants I got at a yard sale bag sale and cut into shorts. Ummm the shoes are hand me downs? I think.
I have a surprise for you! But I can't tell till Monday, I just wanted to make it suspenceful:) Your welcome tehe
dats about as poofy as its gonna get.
I hate how it always turns out looking a little orange, its red!
Spying of course. L<3VED

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some thoughts on kilts

First of all, I'd just like to tell you that Bree over at He designs my life is hosting thoughtful Thursdays.

The first place I ever say somebody wear a kilt was at my homeschool formal. It was the first time I thought I would enjoy being a guy, just so I could wear kilt. Sure sure, I could wear one as a girl but I don't think it would be the same. It wouldn't be like I was a rebel of society. Yes, if I were a guy, there would be many more opertunitys to wear clothes that outrage people. ah I'm ashamed to say it, but I like to provoke people with my clotheing. Odd stares and people asking me to dress normal are my delights.

So this isn't just about kilts, its about how girls can wear whatever they want, but guys get death threats if they wear butterfly pants.

Well, now that I think about it, I don't like people to get mad about what I wear, I just want them to notice the difference, and appriciate it.


Monday, July 12, 2010

What would Anne wear today?

This is day two of the anne of green gables fashion week. I wore my straw hat from my Grandma's attic, along with a head band I fashioned as a hat band. The dress was a thrift find, the slip is from my Grandma's attic, so is the purse. The shoes are my Mothers. So I am feeling very acomplished right now. You may have noticed that I have a new header, and blog button! I'm extreamly excited about that! If you wish, you may post my blog button on your blog *hint hint* haha.
I also put up a poll so you can share your opinion. I know I haven't been the best for substence here, I mostly just post photos and then go "um....bye" But I think I'd like to actually cover some issues. Like Modesty, and maybe something against the grain of femenism. I see a lot of blogs by people who are femenist, I'm not even sure I can spell that right, but anyway, I'm not one. Maybe there's something in that.
See how red my nose is? I think I have the cold my brother has.
ahh yes, and here is the poor image of one of the flowers in my garden. My camera has a setting for taking photos of flowers, sadly, I'm not sure it works.
I think using a headband as a hat band would be a very new age Anne look. L<3VED

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Photo contest

So these are the photos I'll be entering in Rachel Hipp's photography conest as soon as her blog starts letting me see posts. I know, like, wow, the blogs there, so is the archive, but I can' t see any post at all! weird.

I didn't edit any of these photo...atleast, I don't remember doing so. L<3ved

Anne girl. Day 1

So today is the first day of Ashley's Anne of green gables fashion show. I wore puffed sleeves which Anne is a bit obsessed about:) The print of the skirt of the dress is "travel to europe" and Anne was always up for an adventure. This is the dress that I made with Kathryn. The shoes are no boundrys, the belt is vintage from Kathryn, the shirt is street code.
As for the vintage box purse, it is a treasure box, waiting for the imagintaion to fill. L<3VED

give away!

Hey everybody, Megan from fun time design is having a give away! You should go check it out.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Firefly quilts

Ladys and gentleworms, it is my pleasure to announce to you, an etsy shop outstanding in design, a young women with an eye for color, and hands good with a needle, she has well you'll see. You should go check out firefly quilts on etsy:)

I think my favorite piece from this shop is this lovely apron, which I would wear all the time-you know me, wearing aprons with out taking the time to bake anything.

today and yesterday

mmmkay so yesterday was cow appriciation day at chic-fil-a, we dressed up like cows and got free food:) This is my sister Lydia hugging the cow.
oh, and I took some photos of the things I've been making:

I saw a turturial on how to make a necklace like this online, and gave it my own super special twist:b

ze earingz

ze zhirt

Okay, also yesterday we went to a consignment shop (where I sell my hand made goodies) and the vintage store next door was having a 4 dollar sale so I picked up this hat:

and I would have gotten these pants, if they had looked more like pants and were easier to put on:

And I bought this jacket, but I don't really like it buttoned up, so today I wore it open

Like so

One of the girls I see when I skate wants to see me dressed normal-I told her I don't know the meaning of that word:)

I love how the sleeves make me feel like there is always a breeze.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

ya'll are amazing and I love you:)

Thank you so much for all of the comments lately. They make me feel ooshy gooshy inside-in a good way of course:D
And thanks especially for the comments on my last post, after posting and talking to my mom about it, I feel a whole lot better.

So this is just a thank you note and a reminder to enter my contest. I've decided that the last day to enter will be the 15th

I wrote that a little while ago, and things have already changed since then, I have 2 more friends:)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The last day: tear:'(

So I've been feeling really bad all day, I even cried once. And its about something so simple too, that it probably wont even sound inportant. So yesterday at work (I'm a cashier at a theme park that must remain nameless because of company policy) there was this lady ordering the family meal deal pizza. I asked her what sides she wanted and she was confused because the sign says that it comes with eight break stixs and I told her that it was four sides (two bread stix in a bag, one bag is a side=eight bread stix=4 sides) And I explained it to her and I told her I was sorry it was kind of confusing and she said
"yeah the way your explaining it is,"
Also she tried to use her AAA card for a discount because somebody at the front gate told her that she could get a discount on food with it, but its only for getting into the park and she was like "well thats what it says in the book"
I regret now not asking what book she was talking about, but I have never had anybody try to use a triple A card for a discount before.
Then she wanted to know if we had scuace for the breadstix and I told her it would cost 63 cents extra, she looked right at me and said "bread stix always come with some sort of scuace," so then I just told her there might be something on the condiments cart.
Anyway, I also had another person who asked for saled dressing and I told him how much it would be and he was like "you can't just give it away like everybody else?"
So I don't know, I just feel really bad. Bottom line is: be nice to the cashier, its not her fualt, and your going to make her want to quit her job and bad mouth people on her blog and cry and feel miserable.
Today is the last day of Natasha's fashion show and this is what I wore. I had to change because before I was wearing three layers and I was hot then I changed into this with out the jacket and it was good but bering, so I added the jacket. The poofy yellow thing is a scarf.
Ze coztumer iz not alwayz right. L<3VED

Monday, July 5, 2010

day five

Today was really fun! I dressed like so: And went to Manards, lowes, and hobbly lobby with my dad. I bought some bead findings for some earrings, and red thread. I'll prabably post photos of what I made soon.
I found this wrap skirt at a yard sale and today just seemed like the perfect day to display it.
So I made about three pairs of earrings, finished a necklace, and I'm almost finished sewing another hat. I went to my friend Becca's 18th b-day/graduation party. It lasts till 12 but I left about 9 because I have work tomorrow-which makes me sad 'cause I had sleep over plans:'( Oh well, the party was really fun when I was there:)
Here's me and Kat with the star confetti on the tables stuck to our forheads.
Today is the 5th day of Natasha's modest fashion show-SHOUT IT! L<3VED