Saturday, July 10, 2010

today and yesterday

mmmkay so yesterday was cow appriciation day at chic-fil-a, we dressed up like cows and got free food:) This is my sister Lydia hugging the cow.
oh, and I took some photos of the things I've been making:

I saw a turturial on how to make a necklace like this online, and gave it my own super special twist:b

ze earingz

ze zhirt

Okay, also yesterday we went to a consignment shop (where I sell my hand made goodies) and the vintage store next door was having a 4 dollar sale so I picked up this hat:

and I would have gotten these pants, if they had looked more like pants and were easier to put on:

And I bought this jacket, but I don't really like it buttoned up, so today I wore it open

Like so

One of the girls I see when I skate wants to see me dressed normal-I told her I don't know the meaning of that word:)

I love how the sleeves make me feel like there is always a breeze.

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