Sunday, July 4, 2010

wahhoooo-day 4-tehe:)

So happy indipendence day! Some people are celebrating being indipendent from their mother's womb (happy birthday Britt:) but most of us are celebrating the freedom of the united states of America! We stopped by a cool gunshop on the way to our friend's annual party yesterday. They usually have the party on the 4th, but that landed on a Sunday this year.
The kiddos decorated the tree-it was a really good idea.

yay! fireworks make me feel like a hobbit:)

Now for the outfit-this is what I wore yesterday, but I'm entering it in the modest fashion show today.
being serious
being goofy
being cute
And here's the dress I made with my friend! I wish you all a happy indipendence day-lets celebrate while we can. L<3ved


  1. that's a very nice red dress,it looks like a 50's dress =) very nice outfit.