Friday, July 23, 2010

*sighs* I'm here, I'm alive.

Sorry, I didn't do anything on Monday:/ I'll try and do it this Monday. I had work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and today (friday) Oh Shoot! That reminds me, I wanted to do thoughtful Thursday.
Anyway, sorry I haven't been updating, lots of work, I'll try and get something up tomorrow-try.
My legs hurt. I worked and then went to see despicable me with my bestest friend. Then we met some friends at wendys and I got a frostie. Yummy!

I'm gonna go to bed now, hopefully I won't feel like a crap burger tomorrow.

ugh then I have work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. yeah yeah I know, you work 8 hour shifts five days a week to support your family. I don't even pay bills or buy groceries-haha! rub a monkeys tummy, rub a monkeys tummy with you head! hehe thats a reference from side ways srories from way side schoool. little bit of slap happy crappy humor for you.

When I have a house of my own my garden will be ruled by gnomes! Muahahahha

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