Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The last day: tear:'(

So I've been feeling really bad all day, I even cried once. And its about something so simple too, that it probably wont even sound inportant. So yesterday at work (I'm a cashier at a theme park that must remain nameless because of company policy) there was this lady ordering the family meal deal pizza. I asked her what sides she wanted and she was confused because the sign says that it comes with eight break stixs and I told her that it was four sides (two bread stix in a bag, one bag is a side=eight bread stix=4 sides) And I explained it to her and I told her I was sorry it was kind of confusing and she said
"yeah the way your explaining it is,"
Also she tried to use her AAA card for a discount because somebody at the front gate told her that she could get a discount on food with it, but its only for getting into the park and she was like "well thats what it says in the book"
I regret now not asking what book she was talking about, but I have never had anybody try to use a triple A card for a discount before.
Then she wanted to know if we had scuace for the breadstix and I told her it would cost 63 cents extra, she looked right at me and said "bread stix always come with some sort of scuace," so then I just told her there might be something on the condiments cart.
Anyway, I also had another person who asked for saled dressing and I told him how much it would be and he was like "you can't just give it away like everybody else?"
So I don't know, I just feel really bad. Bottom line is: be nice to the cashier, its not her fualt, and your going to make her want to quit her job and bad mouth people on her blog and cry and feel miserable.
Today is the last day of Natasha's fashion show and this is what I wore. I had to change because before I was wearing three layers and I was hot then I changed into this with out the jacket and it was good but bering, so I added the jacket. The poofy yellow thing is a scarf.
Ze coztumer iz not alwayz right. L<3VED


  1. Your outfit is a really cool and unique combination! Sorry to hear that you've been feeling bad, hope the rest of the week will be better :)
    ~ Jessica

  2. I like the colors you chose for this outfit, I hope you feel better soon,I remember when I was young in high school and I worked as a cashier people got very nasty on Valentine's Day and one man in particular was so rude he made me cry right then, it's not our fault that people have bad days, but unfortunately sometimes people forget that and just want to take out their anger on other people. Sending you hugs and just remember that God loves you so very much. =)

  3. Oh my...I love that great jacket! That yellow scarf is so cute mixed in!!

    I agree with Shey! I was a cashier many a jobs in my younger years and it is super tough! It seems like we get to hear it all...good and bad;) As I have gotten older I try to remember that we never know what others are going through on any given day. I'm not sure why she decided to take out her anger on you...but I always say a prayer when faced with those situations for God to help that person. Try not to take it personal because believe me I bet 99.9% of it had nothing to do with u;) Have a great night and REMEMBER: you're more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, and more LOVED than you can imagine!

  4. oh,I totally knew how you felt in that situation! I once worked at Burger King and it was really,really tough there!One time there was a huge family and they ordered thousands of meals and you have to type everything in in the correct order and...more and more people were coming and they had coupons,oh and then suddenly the kiddos wanted Pepsi instead of Sprite ,oh and no -that other toy here and the customers in the last row got REAL impatient.
    Well,what I wanted to say is that I totally understand you,I often cried when I was back home.
    But Kendra was so right:mostly it's nothing to do with you(might be different in my case,though..)and that you shouldn't let it get too close to you.Maybe this person had a bad day or is a grouchy person all the time,anyways you should be grateful to not be like her and just hope for her she'll handle it.
    Have a great day.