Saturday, July 24, 2010

aww me first award ever.

Thank you so much Miss.Shey-by the way, I love your name!

So I'd like to award:

Charmalade from Toast with charmalade:

Bridget from Gonna take a ride across the moon:

The lovely Jessica who is the icing, the cupcake over at

Natasha (who I call Nana but she doesn't know it so shh...oh, I guess I shouldn't have posted this on the internet *giggles awkwardly, waves at Nana over the internet "hi Natasha"*

And finally Bree from he designs my life

You give me inspiration, you make me laugh, you make other kids's jealous because they don't have the pleasure of being your follower.

I'm sorry, again, I did not post what I wanted to post on Monday, I really want to do it though, so you'll have to be held in suspense longer. haha just kidding, I'll tell you whats up-but I'm not prepared to start it yet, when I am, you'll be the first to know. Menswear Monday! yaaaaaayyy!
haha L<3ved>

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