Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey eveyone

Fantabulously frugal is having a great give away here is the link:
Sorry, I know this post isn't really clean cut, but I'm still new to this.
They have lots of great items so go enter!

So I thought I'd dedicate a post to my awesome vintage purse

There she is. Isn't she beautiful? I found her in my Grandma's attic about a year ago. She is like my best friend. She is always with me.

I actually used the self timer today

I liked it, it was fun. I wore this vintage shirt/little girls dress? today along with my tall brown boots. The boots are really comfortable but they are loud and slipery. I could feel the people at the library staring at me as I clip-cloped across the tile floor disturbing their peace.

I owe these photos to my cute, little, bendy tripod that came with my starter kit.
(I also owe them to my camera...but I'm sure you figured that out;)
Don't you love my cool mouse? L<3VED

Sunday, November 29, 2009


These are friend's duct taped boots: And these are my tall boots that I tie into ankle boots!
Yeah, I know, the pictures aren't great.

Don't tie your boots unless you don't care about stetching them out. Once you tie your boots, if you zip them they look lumpy.

No outfit pics today, but lets just say, I wore gray;)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

So I'm just trying this

So I guess the next blog botton goes to a random blog that has somthing you might be interested in according to your blog posts. But my last post had a title that said the word "parents" and now all these family blogs about raising kids keep coming up, so:
I love fashion, vintage, hats, nail polish, designing, clothes, shoes, and the color pink! Now take me to a blog I like! ;)

EDIT: aha! it worked!

the parents are gone till ten, what ever shall I do?

Update my blog of course! Smirk:
Remove Formatting from selection
I got nail polish remover today! I have been in need of it for some time now. It was sad though becuase the people ahead of me in line kept haveing to put stuff back becuase they were trying to save money:( Tough economic times my stalkers, tough economic times.
Wouldn't it be funny if followers we called stalker?

that's just dissapointing

So I saw a blog today that made me....aware, that even people who aren't abrocombie zombies or holister polishers, can still dress boring? Yeah, boring is the word, slap that white t and black pants on everyday with the same purse in a different color.
Well I got news for you lady-just because your bags are designer doesn't mean they are pretty. I've only seen a few designer purses that I actually like. Only, nobody can afford them so they shop the ugly designer bags, just because they're "designer,"
Guess it just goes to show that some people actually have a style.
No ugly purses, L<3VED

Friday, November 27, 2009

So, Happy black Friday:)

After I went to the mall with my sister and my Mom we went to chick-fil-a Please excuse my mouth. It is not smiling.

Thats better!
So this oufit was great for shopping becuase I got hot and took the sweater off and wore the shaw like a shaw is to be worn. All I got was a shower gel from bath and bodyworks.
We also went to kohls and waited in line for about 45 minute so my sister could buy jeans. Really REALLY cute jeans!
Hope your day was ggrrreat, L<3VED

Thursday, November 26, 2009

vintage pieces

My Grandma's attic is like magical place filled with dust, wasps, and a musty smell. But that's not the point! The point is that this magical place is also filled with boxes of vintage clothing and accessorys. For example: This used to be my Mom's bow tie, now it's mine! MINE!

This was my Aunts hat. She is so nice, letting me take her vintage things, and give them new life!

I'm not sure who these belonged to, but I like them!

And last but not least, this beautiful hat once belonged to my Aunt and I love it soooo much! When I got home I vaccumed it. It was scary because I didn't want to kill it or anything. It turns out that it was just what it needed! I just used the word "it" three times in one sentance.
More to come later, L<3OVED

I had a great thanks giving. How about you?

This is what I wore:

By the way, these are my favorite sunglasses. I bought them for 52 cents at vanity. They are on the list of best buys ever!

I found the butterfly in my Grandma's and made a sound of pleasure. Then I put it on my scarf. Sorry, my camera objects to taking good pictures of medal, or detail.

I scored a few vintage items from my Aunt's stash (she said I could take what ever I wanted) Thanks Aunt B.
I'll post pictures of them later. Hope you had a great thanks giving

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

yes this is my third post today.

I think I'm addicted to blogging. Anyway, todays out fit was not that amazing. Here it is anyway:

Yes, this is the womens restroom at the library.

The stalls are kinda cool looking.

It's hard to get decent photos with the lighting in my house, and I was at the library for my churches prayer meating anyway. So I figured: Why not?
Happy thanksgiving, L<3VED

how to make a turky cookie

you will need:
-hersheys chocolate kisses
-candy corn
-friends to share them with

First unwrap the chocolate kiss and stick it into the unwraped caramel. Then, holding the cookie carfully, press the caramel down onto it. Then stick the candy corn onto the caramel and enjoy!
Have a great thanksgiving everyone, L<3VED

I like to skate

Wearing this: I bought this volcom belt at world wide missions for 2 bucks
Sorry, this photo doesn't measure up to the full potential of the belt.
It's too blurry. My brother wants this belt. And those are shorts sticking up from underneath my jeans. It's my skater look.
I wear this and then change becuase I get sweaty from rollerblading, so another outfit is bound to come later.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I want a laptop

It is taking forever to upload my photos because I'm on a computer shared by seven people, it's old, slow, and is running out of memory. Anyway, enough ranting here are my outfit phos:

Why yes, I did take these in a womens restroom/storage space.

And the most wonderful hair clip I have ever had the privalage of owning:

Bought it second hand for 29 cents. anyway: dress: vintage, shirt:kohls, bow tie:thrifted, shoes: yardsale, socks: Mom bought them? leggings:maxrave, jacket:hand me down? scarf:hand me down? and hair clip:thrifted.

Now I'm off to use up all my camera battery deleting pictures because it's faster that way.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I like wearing hats

Todays outfit was simple with a dash of awesome

The main object is this beautiful hat Friend gave me

Isn't it great that just as I was setting up the self timer some nice lady came up and asked if I wanted her to take these pictures?

She was good at it too! I never would have been able to get photos as good as these!

Thats all for today, L<3ved.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm trying this again

Hey I'm Ed, glad your reading.
I started this blog a while ago and I was not good at it. I recently deleted all my old posts and I'm starting a-new. So stay tuned because I'll be able to get pictures as soon as my bro gets off the computer.