Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling sorry.

Hello all!

I'm sorry I haven't written for a while, but one of those terrible moments that every fashion blogger shrieks in terror at has arrived: I have become bored. Not to worry dears, help is on the way! In what form you ask? I was sure you would have already guessed. I am going with a few friends to receive some shopping therapy. I mean full blown spree. I mean I might actually spend more then 10 dollars in one outing! But, I do not do this with disorder. I am not going to impulse buy, I am going to list shop. Scouts honor. (Only girl scouts are pro-choice, so I'm a tom boy scout:)

A la list:

2 white skirts (the two I have now must be worn together to create longness)

2 black skirts (Same as above for the most part)

2 pairs high waisted jeans. (Because I'm a funk Machine.) (One pair to be cut into shorts)

1 something funky. Anything really! (Because I can't survive on basics;)

1 WWD (Whimsical white dress)

1 LBDTDSLM (Little black dress that doesn't smell like must)

A button down shirt.

Long term:
A car ride to Colorado
A plane ride to NYC for dum dum dum! Fashion week. Yes, I will be staying with my Aunt for a week of LOOOOooovely fashion.
Maybe I'll even get to buy a hot dog from a street vendor! I'm not gonna lie, that is the thing I am actually looking forward to the most. For years I have wanted to buy a hot dog (or corn dog) from a street vendor. Its all princess Mia's fault too!

Also, I'm painting my nails for inspiration. Nail painting is my unfailing muse. How about you? What seems to pick you out of the uninspired dumps the best?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The day of dance

So today I went to this freebie thing that goes on every year called the day of dance. I danced a few dances from over in Europe, they were pretty fun. Of course as I was dancing I spotted this doll accross the way. Of course I just had to snap her photo: Don't you just love her shoes? Yeah, me too :)
Here are the dance instructors in their costumes. Aren't they great?
So I had a pretty good time. Got to talk to one of the derby girls who was there passing out flyers. haha I got (speed skating) connections. Shows usually depict roller girls as being mean and nasty, all the ones I know are really nice and particularly charming. haha but I don't think I'll ever be as tough as them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tres' chic. Tre's chic? Ehh whatevs.

Hello hello! *kisses cheeks* I have been watching way to much project runway. I'm starting to talk in strange *fashion accents* you know, *GUY fashion accents* and haveing strange urges to kiss peoples cheeks and say french things. yeah... So I LOVE this outfit! The skirt flows so beautifully, and I feel fabulous!
Here is my ceramics project!
Stunning, I know ;)

Love you! L<3VED *smooch smooch* *snog snog? XD*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Would you rather...?

Would you rather win wedding blue:Or baby boy blue?
Vote in the poll in the side bar, and the one with the most votes will be given away on this here blog (U.S. residents only, sorry)



Demure-the modesty maker

Natasha Atkerson from A modest fashion blog: What I wear, what I did, and why I did it, makes these lovely demures! What is a demure? You may ask. Well, it is an impostor under shirt, used to cover up your chest while wearing a low cut shirt. Natasha has many different designs available, and she used different laces and colors. The demures have a flat top, and a rounded bottom. They have two buttons, one on each side, and elastic that latches onto the buttons to keep the demure in place.

Natasha sent me a demure to review, and here are the results:

Pros: The demure is comfortable, and light weight. It is nice because you don't have to worry about your undershirt making your outfit look frumpy, or wrinkly. It is easy to use.

Cons: It slipped down a bit, so I had to adjust it. I did not feel that it was long enough. Though this last bit would depend on how low cut the shirt you wear it under is.

Extras: I had to wrap the elastic around the button a few times, but I'm not sure this is either a pro, or a con.

To take a look at her various designs, visit Natasha's boutique.

Also, stay tuned, because Fashion is a poem, not a Rhyme will be giving away a demure!


And the winner is...

So only one person entered my contest a while back and that was my friend Kat. So she wins the black demure! Stay tuned because I will be posting about two give aways soon. I'm also going to write two reviews that I have disgracefully not written already.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Ooh, I need you here tonight

This song is stuck in my head. Oh me aching head. I took a fall during speed skating today, it was pretty cool, I named my helmet. She is Ana Marie. Thats right random objects, if you save me from potential brain damage/death, I will name you! You have probubly seen this outfit before, as its my go to outfit, and I lurve it! I went shopping today but nothing in my price range is interested0just cheap. I can get quality and good pricing at thrift so I usually don't go to the mall-which is where I met some friends today.

I put up a new poll! Be the voice! Or, whatever...