Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeling sorry.

Hello all!

I'm sorry I haven't written for a while, but one of those terrible moments that every fashion blogger shrieks in terror at has arrived: I have become bored. Not to worry dears, help is on the way! In what form you ask? I was sure you would have already guessed. I am going with a few friends to receive some shopping therapy. I mean full blown spree. I mean I might actually spend more then 10 dollars in one outing! But, I do not do this with disorder. I am not going to impulse buy, I am going to list shop. Scouts honor. (Only girl scouts are pro-choice, so I'm a tom boy scout:)

A la list:

2 white skirts (the two I have now must be worn together to create longness)

2 black skirts (Same as above for the most part)

2 pairs high waisted jeans. (Because I'm a funk Machine.) (One pair to be cut into shorts)

1 something funky. Anything really! (Because I can't survive on basics;)

1 WWD (Whimsical white dress)

1 LBDTDSLM (Little black dress that doesn't smell like must)

A button down shirt.

Long term:
A car ride to Colorado
A plane ride to NYC for dum dum dum! Fashion week. Yes, I will be staying with my Aunt for a week of LOOOOooovely fashion.
Maybe I'll even get to buy a hot dog from a street vendor! I'm not gonna lie, that is the thing I am actually looking forward to the most. For years I have wanted to buy a hot dog (or corn dog) from a street vendor. Its all princess Mia's fault too!

Also, I'm painting my nails for inspiration. Nail painting is my unfailing muse. How about you? What seems to pick you out of the uninspired dumps the best?


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