Friday, February 4, 2011

Ooh, I need you here tonight

This song is stuck in my head. Oh me aching head. I took a fall during speed skating today, it was pretty cool, I named my helmet. She is Ana Marie. Thats right random objects, if you save me from potential brain damage/death, I will name you! You have probubly seen this outfit before, as its my go to outfit, and I lurve it! I went shopping today but nothing in my price range is interested0just cheap. I can get quality and good pricing at thrift so I usually don't go to the mall-which is where I met some friends today.

I put up a new poll! Be the voice! Or, whatever...



  1. I like your expression in the picture! The outfit is also pretty cute!=)

  2. cute outfit!!! I love that you put together something that is so you and clearly makes you feel good.