Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Demure-the modesty maker

Natasha Atkerson from A modest fashion blog: What I wear, what I did, and why I did it, makes these lovely demures! What is a demure? You may ask. Well, it is an impostor under shirt, used to cover up your chest while wearing a low cut shirt. Natasha has many different designs available, and she used different laces and colors. The demures have a flat top, and a rounded bottom. They have two buttons, one on each side, and elastic that latches onto the buttons to keep the demure in place.

Natasha sent me a demure to review, and here are the results:

Pros: The demure is comfortable, and light weight. It is nice because you don't have to worry about your undershirt making your outfit look frumpy, or wrinkly. It is easy to use.

Cons: It slipped down a bit, so I had to adjust it. I did not feel that it was long enough. Though this last bit would depend on how low cut the shirt you wear it under is.

Extras: I had to wrap the elastic around the button a few times, but I'm not sure this is either a pro, or a con.

To take a look at her various designs, visit Natasha's boutique.

Also, stay tuned, because Fashion is a poem, not a Rhyme will be giving away a demure!


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