Wednesday, March 31, 2010

modest fahion show: day 6 Second hand fashion show: day 3

ahh I am enjoying this weather so much! Its windy and warm. My hat was being blown off:/ So, anyway my shirt is hand-me-down gap, the skirt was a consignment find as were the shoes, the leggings are from maxrave, and the hat is from capricorn's vintage.
On the "board walk" (picnic table;)
I found this old binocular case in my Mom's room-complete with binoculars. I love it, but it refuses to carry the contents of my purse, so I only use it ocasionally. L<3VED

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Modest fashion show: day 5 second hand fashion show: day 2

This is my outfit for day five of Natasha's fashion show, and day two of AmandaBeths second hand fashion show. Here is the link to her blog: vintage suit: grandma's attic, shirts: hand-me-downs, string of fake pearls: 10 cents at a yardsale, brown converse chucks: $3.00 at a yardsale, socks:? the ever presant watch: $10.00 wal-mart.
Please ignore the yellow hump that is a slide. I have a tiny tripod so I have to use whatever I can for counter space.
the lovely laceyness of the white shirt:
I may just buy a new pair of shoes soon. These ones are faling apart..and they don't smell so nice either.
My backyard is paradise....L<3VED

Monday, March 29, 2010

shedding layers.

So the one thing I will miss about winter is the "curtain opening" You know, that moment when you shed the big winter coat and reviel that lovely outfit underneath? I do it very dramatically-makes it fun:) So this is another outfit for Natasha's fashion show.
What? You want to know what I'm wearing? Oh yes well, I'm wearing: blue coat-used to be Mummys, black jacket-hand-me-down? floral dress-I've had it for as long as I can remember, black shirt (worn under dress) hand-me-down, black leggings-$3.00 at maxrave, shoes-used to be Mothers, hat-capricorns vintage for $12.00

My sister was laughing at me when I came inside, mimicing this pose. I like it though, charming;)

on day late, will you still except?

This was supposed to be the outfit I entered in the fashion show yesterday, only I couldn't upload it until today:/ What I'm wearing: Pink dress:thrifty-thrifty: $6?, black maxi dress (worn under pink dress):Maxrave $22.00 Shoes: hand-me-down Jacket: Hand-me-down white t-shirt: hand-me-down Hat:Capricorn vintage-$12.00
So do you enjoy my creativity? No more boring photos lets get this shoot on!

Did you like the way I listed what I was wearing, or could you care less?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It: Modest Online Fashion Show Button!

What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It: Modest Online Fashion Show Button!: "'/>



Hey everyone, Natasha from what I wear, what I do and why I did it is having an online fashion show! Be there (in your computer chair).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

wearing it's easier then being it.

I'll let you guess, L<3VED

I broke my F key; maybe posing on the piano wasn't such a great idea.

So I was DYING to go consignment shopping yesterday, but the places I wanted to go were closed, so my mom took me to the vintage store! I bought this lovely hat for 12 dollars. Cha-ching! A bit much for me, but I have a feeling that it will be worth it.
I like the odd looks it gets me.
I have my closet, as it were, and have descovered this skirt, and this jacket.
yeahhhh So, I have been thinking lately (suprise) and I really don't dress all that modestly. In a certain sense I do; I don't show a lot of skin. However, my clothes constatly grab attention and demand commpliments and rebel against the dress code of the world.
I'm confused, L<3VED

Friday, March 26, 2010

like a little piece is missing.

As I mentioned in my last post, I lost a follower. I was really put out, but hey, it's their loss. I mean, this is my blog, I'll share the photos I want to share, and I'll share the words I want to share. I realize that some people aren't into the things I'm into. I was just sort of disapointed that a follower didn't have the expeirence I have had with other bloggers. When I start following a blog, I start talking about the person who writes the blog, I talk about them like they are my friends, I feel like I know them even when they don't know me. I'll lie awake at night thinking about them, hoping whatever problem they posted last is fixed.
I'll coment on their posts. Even the ones that already have over 100 comments. Maybe someday I'll be heard. I hope you think of me as a friend, L<3VED

Just a little sad, a liitle hurt.

I lost a follower today.

I feel emty. L<3VED

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

feeling a bit like traveling.

So, Tuesday. Lovely day. Mother and Father were gone most the day a long with the Brothers. It was just me and my sister all alone. Well, not really, I concidered a house party, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't turn out good.
So I went across the street and got C (A had spent the night) And we painted our nails, made brownies, walked to sonic for happy hour, I got a strawberry slush, yumm:) we also walked to walgreens to have a look around. Then we got our tennis rackets and went to the park to volly.
On the way to sonic Mr.Creepy came out of his apartment for a little cat call. We ran. Then on the way to walgreens Mr.Creepy Jr. drove past us and shouted "hey,"-C cussed him out. She is a bad girl she is. She thought he had said ew. ha.
by the way, anyone want to travel to italy with me? And cover all my expenses? L<3VED

I just finished my youtube marothon of a very potter musical. Awesome.

And the amazing zzzzzipper shirt strikes again, bringing a lovely "edge" to this outfit ;) I'm not sure what I was thinking with this skirt....something along the lines of "mummy made me wear a skirt," or just sofening up the outfit so it wasn't so dark. Or maybe it was just because I was cold and this skirt is like a sweater for the legs. Wouldn't it be awesome to have pants made of sweater material, like a knitted pair of pants? Awh. *makes wish*
I just tore this piece of fabric off my skirt. yeah. It was kinda already falling off anyway, because I stepped on it....oops. Oh yes, and this is Mondays outfit.

Monday, March 22, 2010

sunday was a rainyday.

it got cold again :'( the weather keeps playing tricks on me. Also, guess what my sock picked up without my concent as I walked to the computer in my living room-a worm......I have so many questions. So this shirt is an old favorite, another thing I have rediscovered.
I wore my home made bracelet again-love it:)
And your used to seeing connie and chuck by friends, my faithful friends. Yes I name my shoes and sing songs to them, problem? Thats what I thought.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

mummy said I could grow a garden.

So on Friday I asked my Mom if I could weed some of the garden, and have that area for my own garden. She said yes:) So I'm going to plant these: And I might plant some forget me nots too. Here is a photo of my plot-the area lined with rocks is mine, it's about 4 feet wide? yeah, sounds about right. I just wanted to include the unweeded part of the garden because I didn't take before and after photos.
Now, on to Saturday's dress...
and bracelet...
and shoes.
ta-daaaa! L<3ved

thats what you get for waking up in vegas.

I'm not sure why, but this dress always reminds me vegas. Something about the city never sleeping, I don't think these bright colors could sleep either. I didn't wear the necklace all day-fake silver results in rashes for me, as does fake gold.
This shoe is made for comfort.
Earth quake! No, not really, more like a hand quake.
yellow lights.