Sunday, March 14, 2010

homeschool convention day 2 + Sunday (today)

So this is what I wore on Saturday. Someone asked me what statement I was trying to make and of course I put it in simple terms with a one word answer that went something like this:
"Preeeetty," I just love this dress so much! Love the way it makes me look (preeetty)
Love the way the fabric swishes against my legs!
I also love this bag, becuase it hold the most important junk in the world. To me anyway.

*Sigh* Now on to todays totally insignificant outfit that I have doubed "toad pee"

okay, the belts cool, but still! Oh and another thing that did not brighten my day: My friends have no inkling of who Marc Jacobs or Alexander Mcqueen are. :'( Well Kathryn does, but almost nobody else except who I ramble to about designers even though they don't care.

I have great plans for this week-I'll let you know how they go. L<3VED


  1. Love the clock belt! That is so cool. Kind of steampunky.. =D

  2. That is definitely a pretty dress. And that belt is so awesome too!!!