Saturday, March 27, 2010

I broke my F key; maybe posing on the piano wasn't such a great idea.

So I was DYING to go consignment shopping yesterday, but the places I wanted to go were closed, so my mom took me to the vintage store! I bought this lovely hat for 12 dollars. Cha-ching! A bit much for me, but I have a feeling that it will be worth it.
I like the odd looks it gets me.
I have my closet, as it were, and have descovered this skirt, and this jacket.
yeahhhh So, I have been thinking lately (suprise) and I really don't dress all that modestly. In a certain sense I do; I don't show a lot of skin. However, my clothes constatly grab attention and demand commpliments and rebel against the dress code of the world.
I'm confused, L<3VED


  1. You are so funny! Did you really break the key??

    So glad I stopped by! Your blog is so cool.

  2. um well sort of, it's better now though, at first it wouldn't even play and I'd be like "I totally played that not...but it didn't play"