Wednesday, March 24, 2010

feeling a bit like traveling.

So, Tuesday. Lovely day. Mother and Father were gone most the day a long with the Brothers. It was just me and my sister all alone. Well, not really, I concidered a house party, but I was pretty sure it wouldn't turn out good.
So I went across the street and got C (A had spent the night) And we painted our nails, made brownies, walked to sonic for happy hour, I got a strawberry slush, yumm:) we also walked to walgreens to have a look around. Then we got our tennis rackets and went to the park to volly.
On the way to sonic Mr.Creepy came out of his apartment for a little cat call. We ran. Then on the way to walgreens Mr.Creepy Jr. drove past us and shouted "hey,"-C cussed him out. She is a bad girl she is. She thought he had said ew. ha.
by the way, anyone want to travel to italy with me? And cover all my expenses? L<3VED

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